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What Were They Thinking – EasyJet Posts a Holocaust Themed Ad!

Just what the actual F*ck were marketers for a British discount airline thinking when the OK’d an ad that featured a tattooed number on an arm, with the caption, “You Never Forget Your First Flight.”

The highly offensive and antisemitic ad created a social media firestorm, and it was quickly removed, but it begs the question of how such a thing could have been posted in the first place? 

“Never forget” is a common refrain invoked when discussing the horrors of the Nazi genocide of European Jewry during World War II.

The Nazis rounded up Jewish people from countries that they occupied during that time and assigned them numbers, which were tattooed on their arms.

EasyJet apparently was unaware of the negative connotations of the post, which features a happy customer who tattooed the flight number on his forearm.

Jon Siva, a Twitter user, took a screenshot of the post before EasyJet deleted it.

“No easyjet. Please no,” Siva tweeted in response to the post, which quickly went viral.

“This is why corporate social media channels need to vet and authorize content before being distributed,” Siva tweeted in response.

Another outraged Twitter user remarked: “They were not thinking. Really bad judgment.”

EasyJet released a statement that read, “While this is a genuine picture of a customer’s tattoo celebrating their first flight with us, we understand the concerns raised and, as a result, decided to remove the post.”

This is not the first time that EasyJet has had to apologize for an offensive ad. In 2009, EasyJet apologized after an in-flight magazine featured a photo spread of fashion models who were seen posing against the backdrop of the Holocaust memorial in Berlin, triggering outrage.

In 2020, the airline again apologized after it touted its flights to Italy by referring to the country as the “land of mafia and earthquakes.”