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Woman Who ‘Ripped a Baby Out of a Pregnant Friend’s Womb’ Finally Arrested

A woman has been arrested in Colombia after orchestrating the brutal killing of a pregnant Venezuelan migrant and ripping out the baby girl from her womb last year..

The Santiago de Cali Metropolitan Police announced that Mariluz Mosquera, 49, was arrested on Tuesday during the raid of a home she has been hiding in since November.

Police tied Mosquera to the crime after locating jewelry that had belonged to the slain Venezuelan woman, Yulexis Valecillos.

Mosquera lured Valecillos, 28, to her tragic death on September 8, 2020. She promised her that she would gift the married mother-of-two free clothes for the child that she was expecting, according to Colombia’s Attorney General’s Office.

Valencillos’ remains were found on February 15, three days before Mosquera’s alleged accomplice Luis Victoria, 21, was arrested.

Valecillos, who was scheduled to go into labor on September 17 or 18, went to Mosquera’s home in the Cali city of Candelaria. When she entered the home, she was attacked with a sharp weapon by Victoria, police said.

Victoria and Mosquera then cut Valecillos open and ripped the baby out.

Victoria told authorities that he hid Valecillos’ dismembered body inside plastic bags before dumping it in a lake.

On September 9, 2020, Mosquera showed up at a local hospital and told the medical staff that she had given birth to the girl at her home.

However, the doctors discovered she was lying after medical exams showed that she was never pregnant and didn’t show any signs of having gone into labor.

Valecillos’ widower, Lizander Marquéz, was reunited with his daughter, Charlotte Marquéz, on October 22, 2020 after a DNA test confirmed that he was her father.

Victoria and Mosquera have both been charged with kidnapping and murder.