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Woman Injured After Being Struck in the Head by Flying Turtle on Highway

Turtle In Road

A 71-year-old woman was riding with her daughter on Florida’s Interstate 95 when a turtle smashed through the windshield of the car and struck her in the head.

The daughter pulled the car over and got help from another motorist. According to a 911 recording, both were surprised by what they found.

“There is a turtle in there,” the man can be heard saying in the background of the 911 recording.

“A turtle! An actual turtle?” the daughter asked.

The turtle made a gash in the woman’s forehead, which drew a lot of blood. Fortunately the woman was not seriously injured. The turtle was likely crossing the interstate and got knocked into the air by another vehicle.

“I swear to God this lady has the worst luck of anything,” the daughter told the 911 operator as she tended to her injured mother.

But the turtle was actually very lucky. It suffered just a few scratches on its shell and was released into nearby woods, Port Orange police officer Andrew Fleming said.