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Woah! Puppy Found With Arrow Pierced Through Neck

In yet another story of shocking animal abuse, a puppy in California was found with an arrow piercing completely from side to side through its tiny neck!

Who could have done such a horrible thing remains under investigation.

The 4-month-old chihuahua puppy was found with an arrow in its neck in the area of Desert Springs, California.

The puppy was taken to an animal hospital Monday morning after it was found in the unincorporated area of Desert Hot Springs in the Coachella Valley.

A woman called the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department to report that she was awoken by a “screaming” dog, according to Riverside County Animal Services.

A sheriff’s deputy and an animal services officer responded to the area to collect the female chihuahua and take it to the Coachella Valley Animal Campus in Thousand Palms for treatment.

The young dog was sedated, and veterinarians captured X-rays of her wounds. Miraculously, the sharp projectile avoided any vital arteries, and the veterinarian team approved the removal of the arrow from the dog’s neck; and she is said to be recovering well.

“For someone to willfully shoot this poor pup with an arrow is disgusting,” Riverside County Animal Services Director Erin Gettis said in a news release. “We are shocked, and we hope someone can provide us any information as to who did this.”

Despite its injuries, the dog is expected to recover. Animal services will continue to treat the dog and then work on finding her a new home, Gettis said.

This is a developing story.