Witnesses Say President Eisenhower Met With ETs

Have you heard the one about President “I Like Ike” Eisenhower meeting with beings from another world shortly after the end of World War II? True story – according to multiple witness testimonials.

It all happened in 1955, ten years after the close of the second War to End All Wars. After peace was declared, a military nuclear arms race sprang up between former Allies Russia and the United States. This Cold War competition included the race to space.

Eisenhower took office in January 1953. Two years into his term, on February 9, 1955, Eisenhower told the press he was going quail-hunting in Georgia for a few days. He departed the next day, accompanied by a chartered planeload of journalists from all major networks.

The reporters were following the President due to international tensions: the Russians were having a major leadership upheaval after Stalin’s death in 1953 (which led to a power struggle for leadership won by Nikita Khrushchev) and the Communist People’s Republic of China was making aggressive moves toward the Nationalist Republic of China in Formosa, a republic that existed at that time on the island of Taiwan.

Ike and his entourage arrived at Thomasville, GA, at about 4:30 pm on February 10. The President hunted quail for an hour and retired to his guest cottage after returning with no game.

Within 24 hours, military personnel stationed at Holloman AFB were notified that their Commander-in-Chief had scheduled a landing there. Eisenhower was off-limits to the press for about 36 hours because, according to his press secretary James Hagerty, the President and his valet were “treating a case of the sniffles.”

An ex-airman stationed at the base hospital documented the presidential visit in a seven-page letter he sent to UFO investigator Art Campbell, a 1950s National Investigations Committee On Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) investigator and Chairman of a NICAP chapter in Kansas City, MO.

The airman stated that Air Force One, the Columbine III, with Eisenhower aboard, touched down at Holloman around 9:00 am on February 11. By prior arrangement, the plane taxied and parked on an active runway. Base radios were ordered shut down. Some grumbled about “flying blind” while officers instructed their subordinates to carry on “business as usual.”

Witnesses spotted two UFOs approaching Holloman. They were round with no wings or obvious means of propulsion. A third UFO then showed up. One unknown craft landed in front of Air Force One. The second took up a position where it could see both the conventional and the unconventional aircraft and hovered silently. The third UFO hovered over the flight line:

“The two objects stopped about 300 ft. over Air Force One, and one descended on the far side of the plane and gently touched about 200 feet ahead of the plane. The other hovered briefly and then came across the near runway towards the big hangars and some shop buildings. It took up a position somewhere above the buildings over the tarmac. The disc had a good vantage point of anything that might come towards the president’s plane and the disc on the ground.”

A man presumed to be the President left the parked plane and walked to the UFO. A ramp extended to the ground and was seen shaking hands before entering the flying disc. Approximately 45 minutes later, Eisenhower returned to his plane.

Eisenhower remained at the base until 4:30 or 5:00 pm when his plane left. The airman listed the names of eight witnesses who saw the UFOs.

One witness was Air Force Medic and high altitude chamber specialist Manuel Kirklin who was assigned to Holloman AFB in the spring of 1955. Kirklin has gone on record with detailed eye witness reports from several sources who all say that President Eisenhower paid an unpublicized visit to Holloman on February 11, 1955.

In February, Kirklin was asked if he wanted to participate in the honor parade that always unfurled for a presidential touchdown. The airman declined and was told to report for duty instead. The event was canceled with no explanation one day before Air Force One’s arrival.

It is very interesting to note that Eisenhower and his advisors had been preparing material, gathering statistics, and reviewing the rationale for continued nuclear testing. The leader of the most powerful nation on the globe was also considered the custodian for the free world’s nuclear arsenal.

Kirklin worked in the flight surgeon’s office under Dr. Robert Reiner, an Air Force Captain. Airman Dorsey Moore was in charge of Kirklin’s group. Moore had driven his wife to the commissary to shop. When he returned, he asked:

“Kirklin, did you see what’s out on the flight line?”

Kirklin replied no, he had not, and asked what it was.

“It’s a disc, a hovering disc,” Moore answered.

Kirklin imagined a disc small enough to throw, perhaps 12 inches across. When queried, Moore said the disc was made of metal that resembled polished aluminum or steel. As for the size:

“Twenty to thirty feet.”

Moore told Kirklin he could see the hovering disc for himself since it had been loitering during the 30-minute commissary trip:

“‘Go out to the front of the hospital,’ he says, ‘and look down at the flight line. You’ll see it.'”

Kirklin asked a nurse to ask the supervising doctor for permission to leave his duty station to confirm Moore’s sighting. The doctor denied the curious airman’s request.

Campbell’s investigation into this hush-hush incident includes information through guards assigned to the president, the complete flight records and two additional independent witnesses who give live videotaped testimony.

The credibility of these witnesses supports the claim that the 34th President of the United States had a face-to-face chat with visiting off-worlders. Then why on earth have government agencies spent billions (if not trillions) of taxpayer money to deny the existence of UFOs, discredit anyone who claims the government knows they are real, and distract the public from the truth with derisive propaganda?

18 Replies to “Witnesses Say President Eisenhower Met With ETs”

  1. John Baird

    I would like to know what Ike’s discussion with them was all about. What was said? Surely there must be a record of it somewhere.

    • BOBBY

      There was a record of everything discussed, and what the Aliens looked like, and where they were from. We as only American citizens will never know anything. Only the elite top DOG’S will ever know.
      BOBBY ~!@~

  2. jimmy

    i was there in 1955 as an MP i was station at one end of the run way to let no one though as other from my platoon block all roads i saw the craft coming in one at a time the first one landed with a loud humming sound i couldn’t believe my eyes the 2nd hovered for about two min. then came in real slow landed by the hanger and Esienhowers plane I’m looking like what the hell are those the humming lasted like when a jet is shouting down or a chopper shouting down an officer a col. or general walk over to the space craft a door open on the bottom of the space ship like a elevator would do very slow opening he walk in was in there approx one min then came back out gave a hand single to Eisenhower to come in eik move to the ship went in he was in there about 1/2 hr then came out he walk back towards his plane the door on the ship closed the first ship that came in left first the 2nd followed with a loud humming noise.i was called in with the rest of the MPs to the hanger with all who seen these ships come in and leave we were told this goes no where its top priority you will sign this paper stating you will do jail time if any of you leak anything about these saucers it will be denied so if you tell anyone even your wifes you will come up missing we all signed the paper Eisenhowers plane left after refueling about two hrs on the ground.i have not told anyone i wanted to but i didn’t want to go to jail either i have talk to only one person a buddy who was an MP with me when it happen but he is dead now and I’m 90 years old so ill take it with me to my grave i know what i saw you can say what you want its true i seen it with my own eyes

  3. von Potter

    Maybe that is why Eisenhower started having a mistress…..Seems that too many CIC’s were cheating, had mistresses, or were gay………Too many women wanted a chance to become 1st lady I reckon……..

  4. George Kapus

    I was aware of these meetings over forty years ago, as apparently Eisenhower had had as many as three. Interestingly, if I talked about it with friends, they all thought I had lost my mind. So, I stopped talking about
    the topic. Of course now, with even the TV Series Ancient Aliens, is taking about these sort of encounters, one of these days, we might find out what the truth is. Their latest episode “Countdown to Disclosure” said quite a bit about the possibility of government finally coming clean. Then Again, they kept the Roswell Crash secret for over 72 years, so, you never know…

  5. Waka Sasha

    I believe Ike had the meeting. I was 4 years old in 1955. I have seen 2 UFO’s in my life. One with my dad while watching the Pleaides Meteor Showers the summer before JFK was killed in November. I believe now that one was a then unbeknownst Star Wars visiting satellite known in President Reagan’s time. The 2nd was a multicolored, pulsating flying disc over the Jersey pine woods. To say flying is to use an earth word. This was more like liquid propulsion through the air in various directions almost simultaneously. That one I believe now was an Ezekiel’s Wheel.

  6. Richard DeVries

    I was in the US Navy at that time concerned with electronic monitoring of possible Russian interference in radio, and also sonar monitoring of submarine activity off our east coast, and later in the Meditaraneon and Red Seas. I will not believe any of this. Why if it was so have no further contacts been made, and if so would have been made public one way or another. The activity considered to be part of any such ET visits are physics and time impossible.

  7. Mike

    It’s impossible for living organisms to cover the 1000 or so light years to the next possible living planet. Any visitations would have to be from drones or probes, like the ones we’ve sent out as long as 40 years ago. However even they are still just on the outer edges of our solar system, literally just a single light year away. So maybe a red dwarf sun would have had life evolve ahead of our planet and they would have come up with the technology to send drones. But no carbon based life forms because they would have to take many generations of life just to get here.

  8. Barb Brown

    Most people KNOW there are UFOs.. The Gov..isn’t fooling many people….It’s time to take action and be honest with the public…I know being honest is not the usual for Gov. officals, but The time is now…Stop wasting money and Lying to America……

  9. Ken Freeman

    I have it on good authority that Nixon picked up Jackie Gleason at his home in Inverrary Florida to take him to Homestead Air Force base to see in person actual aliens from outer space.

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