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Winter Driving Skills You Didn’t Know

Photo by Matt Collamer on Unsplash

As winter is fast approaching, you will need to start preparing for the possibility of driving on a snowy road. For the most part, some fast safety tips could help you keep safe even when the road itself is dangerous.

1. Avoid rapid movements

The key to staying safe while you are driving in the snow is to avoid sudden acceleration, braking, and even swerving. These sudden movements could lead to your tires not gripping the road as well as you might need. As a result, the car could get out of your control.

2. Recovery

If your car ends up skidding for any reason it is important that you keep your focus on where you want to go rather than where the car is heading. This is how race car drivers can recover their cars from skids and it is the best way for you to maintain awareness of your surrounding areas in order to recover your car.

3. Avoid the brakes

This might sound counterintuitive but in the event of a skid, you are much better off easing the gas on your car, rather than slamming the brakes. This is because by easing off the gas you are more likely to get your cars engaging with the road again by increasing traction. This is the best for front-wheel skid recovery.

4. Use ABS

Your car’s anti-lock brake system could be the solution to keeping yourself safe when on the road. To engage the ABS in most cases you will need to press down the brake hard. This will lead to the computer taking over and could allow you to safely recover from a skid.