Will There Be a Second Capitol Protest on March 4?

A Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee says that Trump supporters are planning a second protest at the U.S. Capitol on March 4.

As CNN reports, Adam Smith, the chairman of the committee, told defense officials on Wednesday that QAnon conspiracy theorists and Trump supporters were considering another siege on the Capitol.

According to theories circulating online, the United States has not been a country since the gold standard was unpegged in 1933 under Franklin D Roosevelt. Theories also claim that no president has been legitimate since the 16th amendment was passed in 1871 under Ulysses S. Grant.

“They are thinking maybe we should gather again and storm the Capitol on March 4, that is circulating online,” Mr. Smith said.

“Stuff like that circulates all the time, does it mean it’s going to happen, probably not,” he continued, “but if you want to help, tell them not to do that, tell them that the election is over. Joe Biden won.”

Julian Feeld, producer of the QAnon Anonymous podcast that debunks QAnon theories, told CNN that concerns about a second attack have been circulating for weeks.

“I think there is obviously different beliefs about what will happen on that day, but I think many people are expecting a ceremony, and that ceremony might be accompanied in their mind by what QAnon believers call ‘the storm’”, Feeld said.

“That would be the rounding up, or military tribunals, you know for leading Democrats and some celebrities they believe, falsely, to be part of this secret pedophile cabal. So essentially people are still in this belief that Trump will come back, and will become the president again,” he added.

The meeting between Congressional lawmakers and defense officials comes after the Pentagon and US Capitol Police were both criticized for their response to the January 6 attack on Congress, which left at least five people dead.

According to Robert Salesses, the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense and Global Security, as many as 5,000 members of the National Guard will remain stationed in Washington DC until mid-March.

The Pentagon official added on Wednesday that they are working with the US Capitol Police — who requested the 5,000 troops — and others to determine “the right level of security”.

“We work very closely with the FBI, Secret Service, and others and the Capitol Police to try to determine what they believe that threat is, and then looking at what they believe is the need for the National Guard,” Salesses said.

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14 Replies to “Will There Be a Second Capitol Protest on March 4?”

  1. Voldemort

    If the demonrats actually believed the 2020 election was legal and above board they would not object to investigations about ballot Hankey pankey like harvesting and the dead voting. They strenuously object and incoming evidence like Maricopa county,Az.and Michigan prove they have illegalities in the election.

  2. Scott

    When and if the people of this country want to take back our capital they will. Dough they will broadcast it all over the internet’…You can only guess when that might happen.

  3. Leonard White

    So is this a response for keeping the guard in place, more hokum perhaps. Justification of their actions to preserve and project power?

  4. C johnson

    The first few words set it up. A DEMOCRAT…. I definitely would have heard something but I haven’t This is another setup by the DEMS.

  5. Robert Fuchs

    Chicken Little was sure the “sky was falling” also,
    They could care less about “The Capitol” . They have done so much to ruin this country they are now afraid SOMEONE is coming after them.
    The BOOGYMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Terry Fowler

    I don’t know about that but Biden did not win
    the Presidency, we all know he couldn’t even
    lead a horse to water . The man is an Idiot and
    Doesn’t know what he is signing every day .
    Anyone taking the President’s office has to work
    for the real American people and if he isn’t
    Working for us then he and Laughing Idiot needs
    to be Impeached. President Trump won the
    Election and the Democrats know it that is why
    There are Soldiers guarding the Hen (White) House. The

  7. Nadine Meade

    I think the second march should be to emphasize the disgust for Biden and Harris…let everyone be heard…..what Biden has done to this country in one month is absolutely atrocious!!!!
    NOW if you keep out the paid rioters hired by the Big Techs & Dems….something might be accomplished????
    I wish I was physically able to march!

  8. JoeyP

    Joe Biden DIDN’T win . . . He was ILLEGITIMATELY installed as President. TELL the TRUTH for ONCE! One Enlightened Patriot. team Trump and His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  9. Cjohnson

    The Democrats said. All I need to know. I have not heard anything on March 4th happening on the capital. Maybe it’s just Antifa etc planning a anarchist fight.

  10. Ken Koeppe

    Believe this so much left wing conspirator noise to create Fear in snowflake land & justify more Dimmocrat control of the Hoi Polli. Time to let the Elites know that this is OUR GOVERNMENT & if they have a problem being OUR EMPLOYEES it is time to RESIGN and leave the Swamp; Bureaucrat or Elected.

  11. Carmen

    It is so amazing no face not shame. DOJ said, he will prosecute the people that entered at the capitol on Jan. 6. But what happen with those that wished that somebody kill Trump? Others had said, “I will like to punch Trump on the face?” then another said, “whenever you see the supporters of Trump entering in restaurant, gas station, etc. take them out.” Someone said, “do anything, anything to remove him from office.” And again said, ” I will pull him out by his hear.” You know “anything” means even dead? What will happen with the one that shows, “simulating cutting Trump’s head with blood?” Do they will be prosecute for
    insite violence? What will happen with those of the riots that send people to the hospital, that comited thefts, kill police officers, burned their cars, and destroy everything they found in their way, those insited violence on the by-standard, in the inocent people that has nothing to do for what had happened. Oh, I forgot, I thing nothing will be done to them not because they care but because they are scared, that they may retaliate on them.

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