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Will Starbucks Continued Anti-Police/Trump Culture Finally Turn Customers Off?

Starbucks, the Seattle based international coffee company, founded in 1971 has a mega public relations problem, which has apparently not been successfully addressed thus far.

This latest incident at one of its California locations, regarding what is obviously a systemic anti-police and Trump bias stems from a pervasive culture embedded deep within its corporate headquarters, which intern resurfaces periodically throughout its stores.

However, before we get to the long laundry list of flagrant biases by Starbuck employees towards paying customers, it’s worth noting that former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz announced his unsuccessful bid as a “quasi-independent” (actually a progressive Democrat), 2020 candidate.

Schultz appeared on a number of newscasts, belittling the President. In one memorable interview with CBS Schultz acknowledged he endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016; however, after Trump’s victory, Schultz admitted he was “stunned” and wrote about his disappointment in an open letter to Starbuck employees.

“We cannot know what the precise impact will be on our country and the rest of the world,” Schultz wrote at the time. “I am hopeful that we will overcome the vitriol and division of this unprecedented election season.”

In another interview, this one with CNN, Schultz continued his attack on Trump stating that he believed President Trump’s rhetoric “has given license to people to feel as if they can emulate and copy the kind of behavior and language that comes out of this administration.”

The discrimination bar was thus lowered, perhaps unintentionally by Schultz giving license for brain-dead Millennials and Generation Z types, to run amuck within Starbuck stores, along with their embedded progressive dogma.

All that was needed was for an unsuspecting police officer or a Trump supporter to stroll within one of those effected Starbucks.

The coffee giant has a long and sordid history of discrimination against law enforcement, conservatives, Trump supporters, including African Americans dating back to 2015.

The two most recent incidences of outright discrimination towards police officers by Starbuck employees took place just several months ago in Oklahoma and California respectively.

The first incident in Glenpool, Oklahoma, just south of Tulsa, took place around November 29th when Kiefer Police Chief Johnny O’Mara received his cup of hot chocolate with the words “PIG” inked on the label.

“What irks me is the absolute and total disrespect for a police officer who, instead of being home with family and enjoying a meal and a football game, is patrolling his little town,” O’Mara wrote in a Facebook post that quickly went viral.

The second incident took place in California just about a week ago, when two Riverside County sheriff’s deputies waited and waited, and waited to be served, only to be ignored by several smug employees actually “laughing” at them.

The deputies realizing they would not be served, and rather than causing an incident wisely walked out.

However, they reported the incident on Facebook. Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco said, “They tried to get served, they asked if anyone was going to help them, they were laughed at, they were completely ignored, obviously ignored to were other patrons knew they were being ignored.”

Starbuck, as usual, responded to the incident with an apology stating, “There is simply no excuse for how two Riverside deputies were ignored for nearly 5 minutes at our store on Thursday evening.”

Adding “We are deeply sorry and reached out to apologize directly to them. We take full responsibility for any intentional or unintentional disrespect shown to law enforcement on whom we depend every day to keep our stores and communities safe.

No doubt Starbuck is sorry for the incident, coming just about a month after the Oklahoma incident. However as stated in my opening, Starbucks has a long history of discrimination, dating back to 2015, before candidate Trump became President Trump.

It began when a woman wearing a Trump T-shirt at a Starbuck in Charlotte walked in and ordered an iced tea, giving her first name, only to receive her iced tea by a smirking employee with her cup labeled “Build a Wall.”

In a Fox interview, Kayla Hart said, “I just found it really sad that I can’t wear a T-shirt with our President without being made fun of.”

Starbucks once again at the time issued an apology, “This experience is not consistent with our standards or the welcoming and respectful experience we aim to provide every customer who visits our stores,” the company said.

In yet another incident, a Miami man who claimed that a Starbuck employee refused to serve him because he was a Trump supporter.

Those incidents became so prevalent around the country that Trump supporters finally decided to fight back by boycotting the chain, and in some instances walking into Starbuck stores in mass, purchasing a beverage and forcing employees to label their cups “TRUMP.”