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Why you Should Learn Archery as a Backup Skill for Survival

If a natural disaster, like a mass power outage, should hit and the political and social order (that we have learned to so heavily rely on) is in disarray, you are going to want to learn how to survive a catastrophe.

Besides water and shelter procurement, you will have to provide your body with sustenance to survive. If things get really bad, you may use up all of your emergency food supply and will have to become a scavenger and hunter.

To hunt you are going to need weapons. Unfortunately, firearms depend on bullets and you may run out of this supply as well. So with that in mind, learning another hunting skill may be essential for your survival.

Archery dates all the way back to 2800 BC when the first composite bow was invented by the Egyptians. Since then, this skill has reappeared in history in several cultures. You most likely consider this sport as an English one since it was wildly popular in the 16th century by both the royals and general public.

But, the bow has transformed today and there are several different types available. Let’s go over them.

Compound Bows (as shown as the last bow on the right in the photo above)


  • Easiest to shoot with.
  • Have sighting systems, making it easier to aim and more accurate.
  • More powerful due to longer strings for the archer to pull back further.


  • More complicated to use.
  • Need more maintenance.
  • More expensive.

Recurve Bows (as shown as the middle bow in the photo above)


  • Less expensive to shoot and maintain.
  • Can be made by yourself with the right tools.
  • Needs less maintenance.


  • Requires more skill and practice.
  • Less stable and accurate.
  • No sighting system to aim.

But once you learn how to use a recurve bow, all the cons disappear. Keep that in mind, when you are deciding which type to learn to use. We would recommend that you at least learn how to use one of these well and acquire some general knowledge on how to use the other type. You never know when you may be dependent on this skill to stay alive.