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Why Are Horses Being Killed In This Texas Town?

At least five horses have been killed around Pearland, Texas since late May — but it’s the way they’re being killed and what’s being done to their carcasses that’s particularly disturbing to locals.

Pearland police made their first discovery June 10. Responding to an animal cruelty call along the 14000 block of Kirby Drive, they found a horse, dead and butchered.

Police told the property owner, Jason Bockel, that they had never seen anything like it, FOX 26 Houston reported.

“They were just speechless,” he said.

His son Tyler was the first to see the dead horse. He went out that morning to feed the horses, Goldie and Sugar, and found them tied to a tree. The killer — or killers — picked Goldie and spared Sugar.

“I hit the ground immediately, she was butchered. She was murdered,” the son told FOX 26. “Nobody should ever have to go through that and see what I seen.”

Goldie had been stabbed in the chest, according to police. After bleeding to death, the horse’s backstrap, and front and hind quarters were removed — cuts that lead police to believe Goldie was killed for her meat.

Police discovered the two latest killings Saturday.

The owner called police after noticing the animals were missing, and that fencing along their property had been cut. The horses were found half a mile away, butchered just like Goldie.

Two more horses have been reported slaughtered in nearby jurisdictions, Pearland police says. One on May 22, the earliest known incident, and another June 29.

Given the similarity and proximity of the killings, police told KHOU that the same person or group of people is likely responsible for all five deaths.

“The Pearland Police Department is encouraging horse owners and residents to be vigilant and report all suspicious activities,” the department said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Detective J. Page at 281-997-4202, or email