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What You Need To Know About Long Flights

Photo by <a href="">Gary Lopater</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

Long-haul flights in economy can often be uncomfortable and leave you feeling off for days. However, with the following tips, you are guaranteed to have a far more enjoyable experience on your next flight.

1. Select a good seat

Having the right seat can actually make a great deal of difference as there are certain seats that might not recline, not to mention the dreaded middle seat. This is why booking your seat assignments as soon as possible could allow you to choose a seat with extra legroom and with a seat that reclines.

2. Prepare ahead of time

Snacks and entertainment are so important when you are trying to get through these long flights. Having reading material, movies, or shows you actually want to watch and the right snacks can help transform your experience. Besides, when you have to deal with 5+ hours in the sky, you will want to not be hungry or bored.

3. Choose the right outfit

While dressing cute can be nice for the plane, wearing something comfortable with multiple layers that can help you adjust to the heat levels can be a great thing for any flight. Being too hot or too cold is always a deal breaker, and no one wants to be uncomfortable in jeans for 5+ hours, so try to avoid those options that you might end up regretting in the long run.

4. Hydration

Keeping hydrated while at a high altitude can actually be extremely important for your blood circulation. If you don’t want to look like a zombie after descending from your plane try to drink a lot of water and other beverages to stay hydrated.