What Will It Be Like When We Reach The End Of The Universe?

The Universe as we know it began some 13.8 billion years ago with the onset of the hot Big Bang. Ever since that early stage, our cosmos has been expanding, cooling, and gravitating in accordance with the laws of physics. As the Universe unfolded, we passed a series of important milestones that led to the Universe we observe and inhabit today. After 13.8 billion years, on one world in an outer arm of a non-descript galaxy on the outskirts of our local supercluster, human beings emerged.

It’s been spectacular how we’ve managed to put together our entire cosmic history, from what set up and caused the Big Bang until the present day. But that leads to one spectacular question that humanity has long wondered about: what is our ultimate fate? What will it be like when we reach the end of the Universe? After countless generations of searching, we’re closer than ever to the answer.

On a local scale, we have our planet orbiting the Sun as one component of our Solar System. But on long timescales, things get exciting relatively quickly. The Sun, as it burns through the nuclear fuel in its core, slowly heats up and becomes more luminous: over the 4.5 billion years that our Solar System has been around, the Sun has increased its energy output by about 20-25%.

In another one or two billion years, the Sun’s temperature will increase by a great enough amount that Earth will heat up so severely that our planet’s oceans will boil. This will effectively end all life on Earth (at least, as we know it) at that time, bringing an end to whatever lives our surviving descendants and our evolutionary cousins continue to enjoy. But the demise of our planet will likely go unnoticed by the cosmos.

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  1. Henry

    Nobody knows that.
    Originally (It was thought) according to the 1st law of Thermodynamics, the Universe would reduce the expansion speed (which makes sense) since there is no more energy coming in….(more)……. Suddenly we realized that it’s not true……and learned that not only that was not true; but the Universe is accelerating it’s expansion (HOW!!!) so we found something called DARK (because we just don’t understand it) Matter or Energy (That Einstein says it’s the same), and even more crazy!!! as it expands, it’s density remains constant??!!!…wow……worst…..John Sidis demonstrate years ago (mathematically) that there are certain areas of the Universe where the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics INVERTS!!!!….:/??…..More……….String theory looks at it from a completely different perspective and “proves” that Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle is false…???!!! ……aja even deeper String theory only works if the Universe would have 11 dimensions…..WHAT??!!! ……then if you study Kabbalah…..There are 11 Sephirot (each connected to a dimension), and Sefer Yetzira shows it clearly (Written almost 4000 years ago!!!)…….The Sun will explode????……what if it just consumes whatever it’s keeping the fire going (sorry…fission…fusion…)…..It it not that I disagree….WE JUST DON’T know, the only thing certain (In my mind) is that atheist don’t know physics.

  2. Andres

    How do you arrive to this conclusion? Has studies been made in this direction? Are there any references to this studies one could look up?

  3. James DeGroot

    This article asumes much that it is impossible to know, one thing that the universe definitely shows is that there is a tremendous intelligence behind it all, just think how complex a single cell is and with a little common sense you can know that complex things like life can not have happened by random chance evolution it’s impossible by all the laws of physics and laws of probability. Therefore one has to conclude that an all powerful intelligence that is behind all that we see around us, that brings us to question can we know who that is and the answer is a resounding YES! How can we know by reading God revaluation to us the Holy Bible! In that book the Almighty God of universe has told us how we got here and what our purpose he has ordained us to be. We were meant to be his servants and he has given all sorts commands and directions he wants our lives to be, In return if we obey him he has promised we will have eternal life and will be with him forever in a glorious place we now do not have the ability to understand. And all we need do is accept the free gift of salvation that the Lord Jesus Christ obtained for us by taking the penalty for our sins by his death on the cross about 2000 years ago, but he did not remain in the grave, but on the third day after his death he arose from the dead and appeared to many people after he did arise, his disciples were so convinced that he arose that most all of them gave their lives by proclaiming the truth about HIM!

  4. Jeff Kanarek

    Maybe that’s why Trump is re-initiating our space program; not that he’s a genius, but because God or the Universe is planning on the future through him; kind of like a medium….

  5. Carolynlanier

    Read the Bible especially Revelation if you want to know what will happen, don’t ask Dr Phil.. Only God almighty knows what and when he will send his son back for his church,, and when everything else will happen..

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