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What Were Ten Hand Grenades Doing In the Basement of a 98-year-old Brooklyn Woman?

Police made a disturbing find in the basement of a dead 98-year-old Brooklyn woman – ten hand grenades!

The explosive discovery was made by someone who was cleaning out the basement of the home on 48th Street near Third Avenue in Sunset Park.

A 98-year-old woman had lived in the home until she died in March, officials said.

The NYPD’s bomb squad responded to the home, where the explosives were found in two boxes. Officials said the boxes had nearly a dozen of what appeared to be live grenades, but fortunately, they turned out to be only inert “training grenades.”

Still, why they were there or who they belonged to remains a mystery. 

It was not clear how the grenades ended up in the basement or if they belonged to the women who had lived there.

Video posted to the Citizen app showed a heavy law enforcement response, with blue police tape cordoning off the area.

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