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What Are These Loud Booms Being Heard the World Over?

It can be very unnerving. Suddenly, out of the clear blue sky, an unbelievable loud boom! But there is no sign of thunder, or hypersonic aircraft. This unsettling phenomenon is more common than you might think, it happens the world over, and it seems that it has been happening for a very long time.

In some reported cases, these booms have been so loud, they have shattered glass! They have been described as sounding “like explosions in the sky.”

Others folks who have heard the sounds say they sound less like explosions or “booms” and more like the sound of loud trumpets  — like a shofar from ancient Biblical times. Still, others describe the sounds as groaning metal or metal clashing that is never-ending.

The phenomena can last seconds or hours and many communities have been hearing the sounds for months.

But what are these strange booms, and what could be causing them?

Conspiracy theories abound, such as:

  • UFO battles being waged far above the planet
  • The opening and closing of “stargates” or wormholes to allow alien craft to entrance and exit the Earth.
  • HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) discharges releated to weather control experiments.
  • The Earth itself moving from one dimension to another. This constant shifting of the Earth through other dimensions, or “parallel universes” is responsible for the so-called “Mandela Effect.”
  • Ongoing construction of secret Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs).
  • The sounds from the vibrations of the Mach1 speeds being reached by a secret massive underground intercontinental transit system.

Still there are others who insist that the disturbing sounds are trumpets of the Archangels signaling the second coming of Christ or the Biblical Apocalypse.

Some of the More Plausible Explanations

Fracking, the extracting of natural gas from shale, is a controversial topic of environmental impact – it has also been implicated as a possible source of the sound. However, many of these sounds have occurred where there is no nearby fracking taking place, and more importantly, they have been reported since the 1800s, long before fracking existed.

The most likely scientific explanation was put forth by geological researcher Linda Moulten Howe. She says that the Earth itself is the cause of the concussive sounds. According to Howe, the Earth’s core is shifting and massive bursts of electromagnetic energy are being released and bouncing off the atmosphere and vibrating back to the ground – that is the cause of these unusual booms. This would explain why witnesses say the sounds “seem to come from the sky.”

Another possible explanation is Spacequakes. While that sounds like something that might be playing as a double feature with “Sharknado,” Spacequakes are a very real thing. Spacequakes are plasma waves that are being stretched by solar flare emissions shooting out of the sun.

These waves eventually must either pop back towards the sun or break. When they break, they bombard the Earth’s atmosphere with a bust of electromagnetism that has registered as high as a 6.0 on the seismograph. According to scientists who study them, the “intensity of the snap back determines the intensity of the atmospheric boom”. This could explain why some people hear booms while others hear the resounding metallic groaning.

You can hear some of these sounds here.