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Waterside Dock With Diners Collapses Into Water, Creates Funny Lighthearted Puns

A recent Newsweek article reported that a dock collapsed at the Flip Flops Dockside Eatery in Florida. 

“A recent incident at a waterside restaurant in Florida left one group of diners with a more immersive experience than they likely bargained for. After the outdoor deck of the eatery partially collapsed, patrons were sent into the neighboring body of water, leaving two injured,” wrote Anabelle Doliner. 

Ten points for including a pun in the first sentence of a news article. Many more points for reporting on this incident without making fun of the situation, a baton that was picked up and carried by readers in the comment section. 

It’s okay to laugh about it, because no one was seriously injured. Also, we need a break from the mask/unmask/who cares about masks, confusion unfolding across the country, Biden’s swearing under his breath at a Fox News reporter while on a hot mic, Russia, and the craziness around Virginia school districts suing the governor for the right to choose whether students wear masks in class. 

So, for your mental health and general sanity, take a few minutes to check out these reader comments on the Newsweek article and have a chuckle. 

greg p received the most likes (41) for his clever comment when he wrote: slipping on the dock of the bay watching my dinner slid [sic] away. 

Is that song the best, or is it the best? Yep, it’s the best. 

Edward Lehner wrote: and they said they didn’t water down their drinks.

Don’t you just hate it when management dilutes the booze? That’s the worst. 

mike lang kept it sort and sweet with: Flip. Flop. Plop! 

I appreciate his correct use of standard grammatical rules and punctuation while creating a clever play on words using the restaurant’s name. Well done, Mike. Well done  

John Barron kept it chivalrous with: Nothing like taking your wife out to a dinner and a bath.

Who needs a show when you are the show, right?

J H brought up an excellent point with: Always tips your server… They have access to the life jackets. 

Pretty sure there’s a Titanic joke that could immediately follow this one, but I’ll let it slide.

Mo MA wrote a mock intro for the restaurant: Welcome to the Flip Flop Restaurant, would you like to order your drinks now or take a quick and sudden plunge into the water below before ordering? I recommend the tuna and lettuce on a floating device. 

That actually might be a marketable idea. Hey, if restauranteurs in LA can charge people to eat their meals in complete darkness, it seems plausible that folks in Florida would pay to eat dinner knowing they would spontaneously be dumped into the drink at some point. 

sean chamberlain pointed out our connection to the larger food chain: the sharks have to eat too.

Excellent point. We might be highly educated, earn six figures, and have great hair, but to a larger carnivore, we’re just a snack with sunglasses.

You can check out the article here