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Watch Out For Reptiles Crawling Out Of Storm Drains

Meanwhile, in Florida… no, wait a minute, this alligator story isn’t from FLA; it’s from ‘BAMA! 

Local Alabama CBS affiliate WKRG is reporting that an alligator crawled out of the storm drain in the middle of an apartment complex just as kids were coming home from school!

Kenisha Miller and her boyfriend, Anthony Patterson, told WKRG-TV that they were driving home when they stopped to do a double-take in a downtown Mobile neighborhood.

“We saw a gator coming out of the drainage hole, and I was like, ‘Is that really a gator?’” Miller said.

The couple tried to get police and wildlife officials to the scene quickly as the reptile inched toward the complex.

A school bus was dropping off kids not even 50 feet down the street. Miller and Patterson said other people were initially oblivious to the gator.

But a crowd soon formed, with some neighborhood residents trying to record the surprising scene.

“They were just as shocked as we were,” Patterson said. “Never (seen) nothing like this, in the hood anyway.”

Wildlife officials safely captured the alligator and took it away.

I guess if children have to encounter something creepy with long teeth in a storm drain just a few days from Halloween – at least it was not a clown named Pennywise!