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Was the Coronavirus Predicted in the Bible?

Did the Bible predict the current coronavirus outbreak thousands of years ago?

Widely respected “Jewish Mystic” and Talmudic scholar, Rabbi Yosef Pinto claims the onset of the deadly virus was long ago predicted in the Book of Ezekiel in the Hebrew Bible, also known as the Torah.

Pinto says that the virus was announced in the Book of Ezekiel, which describes itself as having been written by the Ezekiel ben-Buzi, a priest living in exile in the city of Babylon between 593 and 571 BC.

Pinto had actually announced to the world that he had a vision of a coming global catastrophe back in January, a mere few days before the coronavirus began to rapidly spread through China and, shortly after, the world.

The deadly virus has now infected nearly 72,000 people, while killing more than 1,700.

Rabbi Pinto is now saying that he believes that his prophetic vision was indeed the outbreak that soon followed. He goes further, and claims the coronavirus is a plague of Biblical proportion foretold in the Holy Book.

Now living in Morocco, the scholar has warned that the looming pandemic may be even worse than the holocaust in terms of final death counts. He has since urged people to “pray and repent”.

In what may prove more than coincidental symbolism, China has also now been hit by a plague of locusts spreading from Africa. Billions of insects have already destroyed food supplies and sources from Kenya, Somalia, and Ethiopia.

The swarming locusts have been described as the worst plague in decades, with swathes of populations in the mentioned countries facing food shortages, which are made all the worse by existing poverty.

Footage has since emerged showing thousands of locusts apparently reaching the border of China. According to the U.K. Daily Star, the clip in question is said to be on the Xinjiang border, in the far west of the country.

Meanwhile, regarding his vision, Rabbi Pinto has said, “We must be prepared. What is happening in China is developing into a global catastrophe and the consequences will reach almost all corners of the world.”