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Was a Notorious Serial Killer on Europe’s “Most Wanted” List Spotted in the Caribbean?

A serial killer wanted for decades in Europe may have just been seen in the Caribbean!

Norman Volker Franz is a 51-year-old from the North Rhine-Westphalia area of Germany, and he’s been on the run from the law ever since he broke out of prison back in 1999.

He was imprisoned for killing two people back in 1995 and has previously been involved with a criminal gang that attacked banks, as well as being involved in smuggling and the trading of deadly weapons.

Franz was supposed to be enrolling in college for further education at the time of his crime but wound up involved in an ambush after his criminal gang was blackmailed by their illegal cigarette suppliers from Poland.

In his original crime, he and three other men lured the Polish men into a trap before throwing a hand grenade into their vehicle. Franz then tried to make a break for freedom but was arrested at a toll booth as he tried to make it to France with his then-girlfriend.

He was sentenced to life in prison but managed to escape for the first time in March 1997 after sawing through the bars of his cell at JVA Hagen prison.

Five days later, he shot a bank security guard and stole a cash box with 10,000 Deutsche Marks (~ $5000US) from the Dresdner Bank in the city of Weimar.

He also killed two more security guards carrying 500,000 Deutsche Marks (~ $250,000US) four months later in the city of Halle.

After the violent bank robberies, Franz was then arrested in the Portuguese city of Albufeira in October 1998, where he had been working as an estate agent under an assumed name. But once again, the “hoodlum Houdini” escaped from prison in Lisbon by cutting through the cell bars and has been on the run ever since.

However, according to police, he has recently been spotted on the Caribbean Island of Curacao. Investigators said, “A German tourist saw a man on the island in April who matched Norman Franz’s description.”

The lead investigator, who has been on Franz’s case for more than 14 years, said, “He knows that he is not allowed to be near Germans. They might recognize him.” Adding,

 “Franz is a polite, intelligent person. He can be very charming towards women.”

The investigators say that Franz is likely armed and should be considered dangerous.