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WARNING: These Things Can Easily Catch Fire

Photo by <a href="">Paul Bulai</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

There are certain things in your home that you will naturally have known are flammable. For example that bottle of nail polish remover, or the alcohol you keep in your first aid kit. However, there are also plenty of items that you might not consider flammable but are so. Knowing what these are can be extremely important to know how to protect yourself from a house fire.

1. Coffee creamer

While creamer might not be on the top of your list of flammable things in your home, it is highly combustible because of its chemical composition. For it to have the form it has it needs sodium aluminosilicate, which can be quite flammable. Liquid forms are usually much more reliable, but if you want to stick to your creamer then try to not keep it anywhere close to a fire.

2. Flour

Flour can not only catch fire but also explode because of how quickly it can get hot. Most homes don’t usually have a lot of flour just lying around, but if you do then you might want to consider taking some safety precautions.

3. Junk Food Snacks

Potato chips, cheese puffs, and other similar snack foods are highly flammable. This is because they are both high in fat and carbs. Both of these things can make it more likely for your food to catch fire.

4. Hand Sanitizer Flammable

Hand sanitizers contain high amounts of alcohol. This is one of the most obvious things in your house that is flammable as its main active ingredient, ethyl alcohol, even bears a flammable warning on it.