Wanted Al-Qaeda Terrorist Found and Arrested in Phoenix!

A known murderous Al-Qaeda terrorist has been found and arrested in Arizona!

The United States Department of Justice says Ali Yousif Ahmed Al-Nouri, 42, was arrested in the Phoenix area recently and efforts are being made to extradite him to the Republic of Iraq. Al-Nouri was known to be the leader of a group of Al-Qaeda terrorists in Al-Fallujah, Iraq where he was wanted for the murders of two Iraqi police officers.

According to the Department of Justice, efforts are now underway to extradite him to the Republic of Iraq. That he had been hiding out in the US, should be a cause for concern for liberals and conservatives alike!

According to the Government of Iraq, “Ahmed served as the leader of a group of Al-Qaeda terrorists in Al-Fallujah, Iraq, which planned operations targeting Iraqi police.”

Ahmed and other members of the Al-Qaeda group are accused of killing a first lieutenant and also an officer from the Fallujah Police Directorate in 2006.

The details contained in the complaint are allegations and have not yet been proven in court.  If Ahmed’s extradition is certified by the court, the decision of whether to surrender him to Iraq will be made by the U.S. Secretary of State.

According to the Department of Justice, “Ahmed’s arrest was executed by the FBI Phoenix Field Office, HSI Phoenix Field Office and the U.S. Marshals Service. The extradition case will be handled by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Arizona and the Criminal Division’s Office of International Affairs.”

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17 Replies to “Wanted Al-Qaeda Terrorist Found and Arrested in Phoenix!”

  1. Rich

    Came here under the previous occupant of the White House’s watch. No surprise there. One radical anti American helping another one hide from justice. Where was the proper vetting? Just let a terrorist settle in America, what harm could that do? It’s not like he might recruit other anti Americans, plot terrorist activities on American soil, kill innocent people in the name of some holy war. Yet the same people who allowed this to happen love to attack President Trump for trying to do everything possible to keep criminals and terrorists out of our country.

  2. Enrique Araya

    Send him to Guantanamo no parole. For each American wounded or kill by a Muslim terrorist, deport 100 Muslims admitted by Obama.

  3. Legally here

    OOFFF, that was way to close our home. Smuggled over the southern border I bet. Good work Phoenix FBI. Another terrorist of the street. I bet the democrats are mad because they love America to be overrun with those characters that murder in demand. You send that joker back to Iraq, he is going to let go in a flash to return to the streets of America.

  4. DVD

    I’d say that a firing squad here could be a good thing since we physically have custody of a foreign terrorist. At the very least send him to Gitmo and isolate him. If the Iraqi’s didnt/couldn’t take care of this murdering menace while on their soil before .. why send him back for a quite possible repeat performance of returning to our shores !

  5. Randy Dunham

    How many more of these terrorist are still in the Phoenix area that we are waiting to here about? How aggressive is our Government allowed to get at finding these people? I seen a map showing all these these Terrorist cells and training camps all over the United States, but what are we doing about them because of the Political correctness that these liberal groups are pressing on this country?

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