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Want To See A Ghost Or A UFO? Head To Illinois!

If you are into the supernatural or paranormal, you have pretty good odds of seeing either a UFO or a ghost on your next visit to Illinois.

After the Pentagon released a report in June 2021 revealing it has no explanation for 143 “unidentified aerial phenomena,” Great Lakes Stakes, a sports betting company in the Midwest, analyzed the numbers of UFO and ghost sightings in all 50 states, collecting information from the National UFO Reporting Center and Ghosts of America to reveal the odds of seeing the supernatural in each state. 

Illinois, which has seen a total of 4,025 reported incidences of UFOs, came in ninth in the United States in most reported incidents. Illinois was also fifth in most reported ghost sightings at 2,529. Illinois had the best odds of seeing a ghost in a report released in October, according to local news station FOX 32 Chicago.

According to Fox 32, a website called “Cards Chat” has been tracking reported sightings since 1972. Based on the number of ghost sightings and current state populations, Illinois is where you have the best odds to see one.

Florida came in as the least likely place to see one, and Maryland and Virginia have pretty low odds too. 

There have been more than 62,000 ghost sightings across the country since 1972.

The website says the Lincoln Park Zoo is the most haunted place in Illinois.

Great Lakes Stakes took the combined paranormal experiences and population of each state into account, the betting company stated, showing the highest and lowest chances of seeing the supernatural in each state.

While Illinois was in the top 10 in reported incidents of UFOs and top five in reported ghost sightings, the state’s large population — 12,518,071 in 2022, according to World Population Review, placing it sixth in the United States — means that the odds of seeing a UFO or a ghost are low, with Illinois’ odds at +191,000, but still well above neighboring states like Iowa (+145,500), Missouri (+146,200), Wisconsin (+152,500) and Indiana (+147,100).