Violent Civil Unrest Erupts Around the World… Is the US Next?

South America, Britain, France – watch the news and it seems like rioting and civil unrest are flaring up all over the world.

Could these horrifying incidents of burning, looting, and violence be hitting the shores of the US next?

Anger and frustration are boiling to the surface in so many cities across the planet. In some cases, economic pain is to blame and in others, it is political unrest that is motivating the protesters, but whatever the cause it has been decades since we have seen this level of violent protests erupting simultaneously in so many parts of the world.

To make matters worse, many believe that what we have seen so far is just the beginning, and things can and will likely get more dangerous before they get better. Global economic conditions are rapidly deteriorating, and as economic pain intensifies that is only going to make everyone more frustrated.

Here in the US, while our economy remains strong, the anger and vitriol coming from both sides surrounding the potential impeachment of Donald Trump is going to greatly escalate the political tensions that are already deeply dividing this country.  No matter how things turn out, a large percentage of the population is likely to be deeply frustrated with the result, and that could very easily lead to tremendous civil unrest, as bad, if not worse than what we are seeing in other parts of the world.

But before we get to what may, or may not happen here, let’s take a look at what has been going on around the rest of the world first.  Chile is in the throes of economic collapse. Conditions are tough in Chile and rapidly getting tougher, and it is very unusual to hear of violence and looting in a country that is normally so stable.

Meanwhile, in the UK, rapidly increasing tensions over Brexit, have had people taking to the streets in violent protests. Hundreds of thousands of people have marched in central London to demand a new referendum on whether Britain should remain in the European Union, as parliament voted to delay a decision on whether to back Prime Minister Boris Johnson‘s revised Brexit withdrawal deal.

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Over in Spain, violent protests have erupted night after night in the aftermath of the arrest of nine key pro-independence leaders in Catalonia.

Of course, the protests that have made the biggest splash on the global stage have been the relentless pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. Despite the brutality of the police, the protesters just keep coming back again and again, and “tens of thousands” of protesters were in the streets once again last week.

Could the US Be Next?

Here in the United States, we don’t have protests like this going on right now. But we could very soon.

The impeachment process is bringing a focal point to the deep anger that has been seething on both sides of the political spectrum for many years.  Now that this process has begun, there is no going back, and both sides believe that there is only one result that will bring justice.

As the impeachment process unfolds, expect protesting to get increasingly more frequent, and increasingly more violent. Clashes between angry groups on both sides will be inevitable, and no matter the outcome, one side will explode, and not go quietly into the night.

All citizens should be locked and loaded, and be prepared to face violence and civil unrest the likes of which the country has not seen since the War Between the States.

11 Replies to “Violent Civil Unrest Erupts Around the World… Is the US Next?”

  1. Diana S.

    If the travesty that the democrats are calling an impeachment inquiry continues and especially if the democrats succeed in their coup attempt I can see violence erupting in the U. S.

  2. Allan

    If there’s going to be any civil unrest in the U.S. then it will be caused by the DemonRats in Congress supported by the socialist-communist driven news networks i.e; CNN & MSNBC.

  3. laughin atyou

    Of course the USA is next. the Damn Democrat / insane liberals have become such lying hypocrites we can no longer honestly discuss anymore so they will have to be killed.

    Need Proof ok fine;
    1. I constantly hear “trump is a lair” from democrats. Ok fine trump is a lair and you hate lairs so you don’t like trump. got it; and it is logical. I constantly hear “trump is a racist” from democrats. Ok fine trump is a racist and you hate racist so you don’t like trump. got it; and it is logical.
    Democrats are voting for Elizabeth warren who has been lying about her race for personal gain her whole life making her a lair and a racist. Adam Schiff lairs to the house judiciary committee and it is proven yet the democrats refuse to censure him because they love lairs. So no discussion possible because the democrats don’t hate lairs or racist they simply are being political.

    2. I constantly hear Trump thinks he can have sex with any women he wants because he is rich and we don’t like him thinking he can attack women like that. You heard what he said in the locker room. Ok, I might again and I understand you logic. But you voted for Clinton and still protect him. Obama had gangster rape playing in the white house and he is the democrats god. So again no discussion possible because the democrats don’t the disrespect for women they simply are being political.

    3. The abortion issue is a prime example. first is was abortion in case of rape or incest and we don’t want women getting back ally abortions because it is dangerous. We mostly agreed with that logic. Then it changed to fist tri-semester, then it was a women’s right to choose, then second tri-semester, then women’s god given legal right to choose. now it is before the baby starts breathing on its own outside the womb (which is of course a really gray area) and we will take the license away from any nurse or doctor who does not support this choice. Push push push push push. Yet 70 years ago religious people were saying you liberal were going to push push push push push and you LIED and said oh no we just need this to save women from dying. So again liberals and Democrats love lairs.

    Add to this that you democrats and liberal have no problem with women suing men for child support so what happened to the mans right to choose? yeah you are lying irrational freaks that will need be reasonable or honest about anything and you are mostly mentally ill.

    I could go on all day with fake outrage and evil intent by democrats, but it is clear the bottom line is democrats are not looking for discussion, honest debate, or a better america. they want to be 1968 hippy protesters and they have so subverted the concept to become lying cheating thuggish evil unthinking enemies. there is only one outcome. Civil War and I am looking forward to it. the sooner the better.

    • Joe Nardo

      If they impeach Trump i think we will have a civil war 63 million people voted for him it would be smart of the dems to try and beat him at election time

  4. James

    While informative, articles like this seem to be a call to action or as the Democrats like to say “a dog whistle to supporters” for this action to take place. I think this is irresponsible as it will undoubtedly get some to behave badly. The unrest in the US started long ago and Obama dug it even deeper. The disparities of each sides comments are ridiculous. Most people think like I do that justice should be blind! No one is guilty before proof, not speculation or innuendo, shows their guilt. president Trump is guilty of beating Hillary Clinton in an election and since then the Democrats have examined every work he utters and found some wrong in them. If he were to cure Cancer tomorrow they would complain that it wasn’t sooner or he didn’t cure all diseases. Time for some grown ups in Dc for a change. Since term limits are something Congress will never do we should vote them out on a regular basis.

  5. Hazel Lemaire

    It has already happened in America, What would you call9/11 and the attacks in restaurants and bars, on our military recruiter’s office? And others people refuse to admit.

  6. michael cieslak

    I think that Gorge Soros needs too be charged with a lot of this turmoil!! It seems that no one is doing anything with this creep interfering in Elections and buying Politicians, he needs charged!!

  7. Bill

    It is a fearfful potential happening but it will be here if the Democrats ae successful in over turning what we the vogters chose ! This nation will see a Conservative uprising by well armed mostly vet trained people! I expect the military to not help but will refuse to attack the freedom fighters. Most retired military leaders say it will probably be very bloody but quickly over because the Democrat/Socialist party and its supporters are not 2nd amendment supporters and not armed so they will become targets if they protest. So I say it would be a good idea to postpone gthe silliness invo,ved with they impeachment and ewait for the 2020 elections where the people cn speak on what we want and. The people are supposed to be the masters here not the politicians

  8. Grin n barrett

    We don’t have this already? Have yo not witnessed Antifa? Locks in socks? Burning cars? Breaking store windows? Beating photographers? Stomping Trump supporters? Face kicks? Stomach stomps? Bleeding faces and heads? I don’t know where you have been but the left has been attacking the right ever sense Trump won the election.

  9. Grin n barrett

    Are you kidding me? Have you not heard of Antifa? Locks in socks? Stomped on faces? Kicked in ribs? Sucker punches? Photographers with head injuries? Burning cars? Broken storefront windows? Liberal loons shooting up bars? The left started attacking the right the night Trump was elected. Where have you been? Asleep at the wheel? When a day goes by the left doesn’t attack, I am surprised.

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