Video: Huge Lightning Bolt Strikes Statue of Liberty In NYC

A video shared on social media captured the moment the Statue of Liberty was struck by a massive lightning bolt on last week.

“The best video I ever captured,” Mikey Cee posted on Twitter.

Earlier, he posted a video of high winds near Ellis Island.

“Was this a tornado just now at Ellis Island?” he wrote. “Just got this footage at work. Easily 60mph winds. That was insane!” he added.

8 Replies to “Video: Huge Lightning Bolt Strikes Statue of Liberty In NYC”

  1. Estell Newton

    I wonder how long it will be before the left tries to take down the Statue of Liberty. I’m sure the consider it racist. The lightening strike was unbelievable.

  2. Patricia

    Our liberty is on the verge of being lost. No surprise here that lightning struck our statue. Hopeless, ignorant, poorly educated college students. They know absolutely nothing.

  3. Randall Razz Taylor

    Its a sign that our liberty is at risk!
    The heavens declare God’s glory!
    The liberal globalist anarchists hate God and all that is good.
    They better cool it because lightning could strike them!!

  4. Michael

    My thoughts, I think God is sending a message too the Social Progressive Liberals, that “Freedom Stands Strong” and they will “FAIL on their Soros Bought Messages” !

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