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Very Dangerous Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Photo by <a href="">Taven Diorio</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

Many people think that knowing what to do can be the key to survival during an emergency, however, knowing what not to do can oftentimes be equally important. This is why these survival myths can lead to more harm than good, especially if you try to use them during an emergency.

1. You can survive just with Natural Survival Foods

Survival books have long had a wild-edibles list of foods on their pages. These included inner tree barks, or lily-pad tubers or even shrunk cabbage. While these goods can be edible and can provide some sustenance, the reality is that these types of foods don’t always have a caloric value. Commonly people might get sick after spending a couple of days eating them. Therefore, while these foods can help you survive, they should not be the only things you eat in the wild.

2. Time and Pacing

One of the big mistakes of survival books is that oftentimes they present tips and tricks as taking no time. Build a shelter, gather firewood and even food, and build your fire pit all in a matter of hours. Well, that is not always the case. All of these things require a lot more time than you might have originally considered. This is why oftentimes survival projects take weeks to complete out in the wild.

3. Survival skills vs. survival

Many people might possess the survival skills necessary for survival. However, what most people will not know is how to actually live their lives without the comforts they are so used to. Being thrown into such a survival situation can often mean that people are simply not ready or able to live a rougher life. Thankfully, with time and experience, this can also be a skill that comes, but until then survival may pose further challenges.