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Utah Man Kills Ex, Fiancé Helps Dumps Body in Desert!

A Utah man out on parole has been arrested for killing his ex-girlfriend, and his current fiancée helped him get rid of the body!

According to a press release from the Tooele County Sheriff’s Office, a woman’s body was found May 6 in the Five Mile Pass Recreational Area. That same evening, the Sheriff’s Office says 23-year-old Brooklyn Tyree was reported missing. She was last seen by her ex-boyfriend, Brandon Zipperle. 

Eventually, it would be Zipperle who would be implicated in her murder.

Tyree was allegedly on her way to see friends in Utah’s Tooele area earlier in the week, but she had not been heard from since disappearing on or around May 3.

Video surveillance from May 3 revealed Tyree and her 7-month-old child getting into a car with Zipperle, the father of the child, KSTU-TV reports. Authorities were reportedly able to identify the victim because the clothes Tyree was wearing in the video matched the clothes on the body found in the desert.

Upon further investigation, the Sheriff’s Office says locational data was recovered from both Tyree’s and Zipperle’s phones, which showed the two were near Five Mile Pass on May 3.

On Tuesday, May 10, Zipperle was scheduled to meet with a parole officer, and he was brought in for an interview, the Sheriff’s Office says. During the interview, Zipperle reportedly admitted to shooting Tyree, hiding her body, and disposing of her personal belongings.

During a search warrant served at Zipperle’s home, the Sheriff’s Office found a shoe belonging to his fiancée, 28-year-old Elizabeth Ludwig. The tread reportedly matched a footprint found at the crime scene where Tyree’s body was found.

Ludwig was brought in for an interview, and she allegedly admitted to helping Zipperle hide the body and dispose of the victim’s belongings.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, Zipperle was arrested and booked into the Tooele County Detention Center for murder and obstruction of justice. Ludwig was arrested and booked into the Tooele County Detention Center for obstruction of justice only.

Tyree’s child is now in the care of the Utah Division of Child and Family Services, KSTU reports.