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US Government Actually Has A ‘Secret’ Zombie Apocalypse Contingency Plan!

Did you know that the US government actually has a “secret” zombie apocalypse contingency plan?

It is known as Conplan 8888, and the once-secret plan was made public in 2011, it is also known as the “Counter-Zombie Dominance” document.

The drafters of Conplan 8888 have outlined a detailed and meticulous strategy to activate in the case of a zombie invasion! 

In reality, the document was created to be ready to respond to “anything” even the most unlikely or outrageous disaster, so the creators of Conplan 8888 decided to use a zombie plague for their worst-case scenario exercise. 

Unlike the CDC that which created a Zombie Preparedness plan as kind of tongue-in-cheek approach to dealing with a pandemic, the creators of Conplan 8888 say it was no joke, but a very real plan to deal with any kind of unexpected global crisis.

In fact, the very first words of the document begin, “This plan was not actually designed as a joke…” and then continue, “…While training augmentees from a local training squadron, members of a USSTRATCOM found out (by accident) that the hyperbole involved in writing a ‘zombie survival plan’ actually proved a very useful and effective training tool.”

Any prepper knows that there is a lot of “cross-over” in preparing for one disaster or another, and your basic preparation or survival plan can work in various survival situations.

The government has to plan for emergencies, and in this particular case, Conplan 8888 started as a way for government planners to get their heads in a different space. As anyone who creates things knows, being in a certain mindset can make all the difference in seeing angles you wouldn’t normally see.

In this case, planning for unexpected emergencies included imagining asteroid collisions, alien invasions, and other doomsday situations.

Basically, planning for a zombie apocalypse was a fictional exercise to expand the thought process around responding to emergencies. It is a way to get responders to think about how to survive the most exigent circumstances, by literally having them prepare for the impossible. 

So what’s in the plan?

Basically, Conplan 8888 includes five separate phases of response:

  1. Observation: Experts will observe how the zombie situation spreads and which areas are the most affected.
  2. Information: The government will choose how to best inform citizens and utilize the military at their disposal.
  3. Communication: The US government will communicate closely with other nations
  4. Military Strikes: Once the US is in contact with its allies, the government will launch military strikes against the zombies. There will also be a plan in there to keep citizens safe.
  5. Return to Normal: The government will work towards bringing status quo back to the country. They’ll organize rebuilding projects and working with civilians to restore public services.

I for one am glad to know that the government has a plan for the Zombie Apocalypse that is more than, “hide and don’t get eaten.”