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UK Mom’s Security Cameras Catch “Cat Burglar” Red Handed!

A mom in the UK who set up a security camera to figure out why her toddler’s toys kept going missing caught the feline felon in the act! The family cat had been stealing her daughter’s plushies!

The woman who the UK tabloids reporting on the story referred to only as “Christine,” has a daughter and a pet cat, started to notice her daughter’s cuddly toys were disappearing one by one – and sometimes, items that were kept in one part of the house would appear somewhere totally different the next day.

After a little while, the “mum” picked out a key suspect in the household – and came up with an ingenious way to figure out if her theory was correct. She told the Daily Mirror that she set up cameras around the house to try and solve the mystery.

And, much as she suspected, her family cat named “Batman” was no superhero; he was more of a “cat burglar.” He had been pinching her kid’s toys!

When she reviewed the footage, she caught Batman red-handed. After keeping the cameras in operation for a few days, Christine discovered Batman wasn’t striking now and again – rather, he was a serial offender.

Footage showed him stealing toys from her daughter’s room most nights when she left the door open.

Since Christine first made the discovery, the family has grown accustomed to Batman moving things around at night at his own will, and no one bothers to try and stop him.

In fact, as Christine’s daughter grew up, the family decided that rather than throwing her baby toys away, they’d keep them in a stash for Batman to move around the house whenever he pleased.

To this day, the munchkin cat roams around at night, moving items all around the house – including their clothes.

Christine shares her cat’s antics on Instagram under @batman_the_munchkin_cat – and since the family got another kitten, Larry, he appears to be following in his big brother’s footsteps.