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UFO Spotted Over Glasgow Before Rising “Into Orbit”

The UK’s Daily Record is reporting about a man who claims to have captured video of several “UFOs” in the skies over Glasgow before they then simply eased “into orbit.”

The man, who wishes not to be named, said he was out working at the Dalmarnock Wastewater Treatment Works when his pal spotted the objects up above them.

Speaking to the Record, he said, “I looked up and thought they were two drones hovering for about three minutes. We then realized there was a police helicopter which had stopped dead behind us.

“I’m not sure if it was just a coincidence that [the helicopter] was there or not.”

“After we stopped filming, the objects went straight up into orbit simultaneously. They did not shoot up but went up gradually. I’d stopped filming as I thought I’d better get on with work. It’s all very bizarre.”

The video clip shows a darker object lower in the sky with flashes of light coming from it, while the higher object is white but also appears to shimmer at times.

The footage has been shared on social media, but the man says no one has been able to confirm exactly what the objects are yet.

He also initially suspected they may have been helium balloons but reckons the objects were too big for that.

This has not been the only unusual activity in the skies in the area. Just days before the incident above the  Dalmarnock Wastewater Treatment Works, area residents saw what appeared to be a “flying humanoid.” Lynsey Currie spotted the strange shape soaring over her flat in Maryhill, Glasgow, and obtained footage of that equally bizarre sighting. 

She told Glasgow Live that it was flying “from the northwest of Glasgow towards the southwest” in her footage.

In it, he says, “It’s literally a UFO because it’s unidentified. It’s coming by us.”

These nearly back-to-back incidents came just as Yorkshire was revealed to be the UK’S UFO capital, with more reports than anywhere else.

Some 200-plus have been “spotted” there in two decades – including a glut this year.

Scores more were reported in the summer, including three in four days.

UFO-watchers claim they may be drawn to the region’s open spaces and mountainous terrain.