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UFO Flying Over Southwest Florida No Longer “Unidentified”

A UFO seen and reported by dozens in the skies over Southwest Florida recently has been identified as a high-altitude balloon!

UFO enthusiasts know that for decades skeptics and alleged purposeful government “cover-ups” have often said that UFO sightings are nothing more than misidentified “weather balloons.” As it turns out, this time, those non-believers are 100% correct about a recent UFO sighting reported in Cape Coral, Florida. 

The object in question is not exactly a “weather balloon” but something very much like the ones that are launched to track storms and other meteorological phenomena. A company out of Tucson, Arizona, called World View Space, launched a “stratospheric balloon” from its Spaceport Grand Canyon location on Thursday, May 5. The balloon, called Gryphon 24, crossed the United States at a speed of about 10 mph before reaching Southwest Florida on Sunday, May 8. 

The company says the balloon is on a “mission flight” but could not comment on the details of the mission or their customer’s payloads at this time. The balloon is currently heading south at an altitude of 62,000 feet (about twice the height of Mount Everest).

World Space View is a startup in the emerging “space tourism” industry and intends to rival the likes of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos to give people a chance to reach the edge of space, not in a rocket, but in their proprietary stratospheric navigation system – which is a specialized “luxury cabin” attached to a super-high altitude balloon.

According to their website, “When you rise to the edge of space, you’ll spend several hours in the stratosphere soaking in every amazing sight. With luxurious, ergonomic seating, large viewing windows, and a spacious cabin to move around during your journey, you’ll feel right at home.”

The company says that it has already reached 1,000 reservations for human flights to the edge of space starting in 2024, with each flight costing $50,000 per person. Eventually, eight paying customers and two crew members will soar 100,000 feet above the Earth (23 miles) for 6 to 8 hours.

The company says its participants will lift off before dawn to watch the sunrise over Earth.