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UFO Expert Claims He Saw Hovering “Giant Green Aliens” At The Space Station

Self-proclaimed UFO and alien expert Scot Warring says he spotted giant green aliens lurking outside of the International Space Station (ISS).

Warring, whose “discoveries” have been covered in this column before, now says that he spotted the mysterious “green mass” while watching video feeds from the station like he normally does.

But, what happened this time, however, was a first as Mr. Waring said he has “never seen this in my 15 years of watching the space station cam!”

The UFO fanatic wrote on his site, “Now check out this…just when I thought I’ve seen everything, a giant green alien figure floats past the International Space Station live cam. Yes, you heard me right.

“A giant green figure with a head that has two round eyes, a small nose, and big grin smile, and a large neck and chin. It also has two ears, both the same size but more like a monkey than a human.”

“This is strange! I have no explanation for it. What you see is what it is. The space station is about 109 meters across; this alien figure is at least twice that at 200 meters. Wow, if this is an alien entity, it’s godlike in its size, but hey, at least it’s smiling, which tells me it’s in a good mood.

“And it’s looking right at the space station…watching as it passes him. This is an infrared camera…and I have said for decades if you want to catch a UFO, use an infrared camera; it cuts through any cloaks of invisibility.

“Don’t believe me, look into IR camera abilities. They can see through ink spilled on a newspaper; they can see through clouds, though reflections on water. It’s amazing.”

Of course, a far simpler explanation of Warring’s “discovery” is that what he captured is just some dust or space debris, and his interpretation is yet another case of pareidolia – the tendency of the human mind to see recognizable things, like faces, in disorganized or random images like clouds, dust whirls or Jesus on a piece of burnt toast!

Scott’s find is not the first time that images of something with a “humanoid” appearance have been found in space. Images from the Hubble Space Telescope have also captured something remarkably “face-like.”

Peering out through the gloom of space, the Hubble telescope saw an “eye” staring back at it – a galaxy, much like our own, shaped exactly like the eye of a person.

However, before jumping to the “far-out” conclusion that it was indeed the “eye” of some cosmic or celestial being, as Warren might, scientists identified the image as actually the heart, or “eye,” of a large galaxy called NGC 1097, a barred spiral galaxy that has been categorized in the same way as our very own Milky Way.

Officials from the European Space Agency (ESA), a partner of the Hubble project, said in a statement, “This picture reveals the intricacy of the web of stars and dust at NGC 1097’s center, with the long tendrils of dust, picked out in a dark red hue.”