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Twitter Censoring Conservative Voices – AGAIN!

After permanently barring President Trump from the platform, Twitter is once again stifling conservative voices, this time its Georgia GOP Rep. Taylor Greene. The social media giant temporarily blocked Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) after she spoke out against voter discrepancies in Georgia. She was blocked from the platform for 12-hours on Sunday.

The latest viewable tweets from Taylor Greene echoed her calls for the flawed election in her state to be fixed. Twitter further censored her speech by preventing other users from retweeting and liking her posts.

Like President Trump, Taylor Greene has been a frequent advocate for a free and fair election. She has called on election officials to do something about the seemingly fraudulent results in her state.

Taylor Greene is just one of the latest users affected by Twitter’s massive effort to ban conservative voices on the platform.

What do you think? Do Twitter and other private social media companies have the right to bar certain users from their platforms? Or is this censorship plain and simple? Please reply using the comments below.