Trump Tulsa Turnout Punked by Alliance of AOC

A major story to emerge from President Trump’s rally in Tulsa, Okla, on Saturday evening was the unexpectedly low turnout at the event. The rally was an extremely high-profile kickoff of the POTUS’s 2020 re-election effort after 3½ months of being kept off the campaign trail due to the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. Rather than happenstance, it appears that the disappointing attendance was the result of a conspiracy of Trump haters – both radical left and RINO right – to suppress the turnout.

YouTube screen grab

For days prior to the event, campaign reps and the president himself had predicted a record-setting turnout of MAGA supporters, citing a million requests for tickets to the deep red state venue, the BOK Center, the capacity of which was only 19,000. The predictions of a mega event were buttressed by several days’ worth of media coverage of Trump die hard attendees lining up and camping out in order to get a good seat.

The Trump campaign even announced a second rally, to be held outside the BOK arena to accommodate the expected overflow crowd of thousands of Trump supporters who wouldn’t be able to get into the indoor venue.

The outdoor rally, set to take place an hour before the indoor one, never happened. It was canceled at the last minute, and the stage set up for the event was taken down – a damaging visual confirmation of the deflated attendance numbers. Inside, meanwhile, cameras broadcasting and streaming the event live showed the venue, according to Breitbart, only about half full, the first time in memory that a Trump campaign rally had not been standing room only.

Campaign representatives initially blamed “protesters” for depressing the turnout. As the Washington Times reported:

“Sadly, protesters interfered with supporters, even blocking access to the metal detectors, which prevented people from entering the rally,” said Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh. “Radical protesters, coupled with a relentless onslaught from the media, attempted to frighten off the president’s supporters. We are proud of the thousands who stuck it out.”

Enter AOC and Trump-hater Steve Schmidt

The fact is that the huge numbers of MAGA fans just weren’t there. And why was that? Trump nemesis Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gave more than a hint in a tweet she issued at 8:27 PM ET – less than a half hour after the president began speaking at the indoor rally. AOC’s tweet was a reply to one tweeted 57 minutes earlier by Brad Parscale, the Trump 2020 campaign manager, blaming the lower than expected turnout on “radical protesters. . . [who] interfered with @real DonaldTrump supporters at the rally. They even blocked access to the metal detectors, preventing people from entering.”

According to AOC, however:

Actually you just got ROCKED by teens on TikTok who flooded the Trump campaign w/ fake ticket reservations & tricked you into believing a million people wanted your white supremacist open mic enough to pack an arena during COVID Shout out to Zoomers. Y’all make me so proud.

Five hours after AOC’s tweet, it had been retweeted almost 70,000 times and liked over 300,000 times by her 7.3 million Twitter followers.

Tending to confirm AOC’s version of events were quotes from Steve Schmidt, the late Sen. John McCain’s failed 2008 presidential campaign manager, who tweeted, as the Washington Times noted, “that the Trump campaign was duped by anti-Trump teenagers requesting tickets.” Schmidt added:

“My 16-year-old daughter and her friends in Park City, Utah, have hundreds of tickets,” Mr. Schmidt tweeted at Mr. Parscale minutes before the rally was set to begin. “You have been rolled by America’s teens. @realDonaldTrump you have been failed by your team. You have been deserted by your faithful. No one likes to root for the losing team.”

According to the Times:

Mr. Schmidt, a collaborator in the “Lincoln Project” of Republican operatives opposing the president, suggested the group was responsible for undermining the rally attendance.

“This is what happened tonight. I’m dead serious when I say this. The teens of America have struck a savage blow against @realDonaldTrump,” Mr. Schmidt said. “All across America teens ordered tickets to this event. The fools on the campaign bragged about a million tickets. lol. @ProjectLincoln.”

Steve Schmidt tweets Saturday evening

With both AOC, representing the radical left (her tweet complimenting “teens on TikTok who flooded the Trump campaign w/ fake ticket reservations”) and Schmidt, a Deep State RINO “conservative,” claiming credit for these goings-on, this may be a rare case of hard left and RINO “right” coming together to try to sabotage a campaign event by President Trump.


33 Replies to “Trump Tulsa Turnout Punked by Alliance of AOC”

  1. Joyce

    I’d like President Trump to speak about what he plans to do, what new goals he has instead all the speech about negativity about other people and old Joe Biden.

  2. Lola75

    Y’all should be ashamed to behave like middle school children! If you can’t get your supposed message across validly it obviously doesn’t even warrant any intelligent adults notice. You are a disgrace to EVERYTHING AMERICAN. And there is a special place in HELL for lost souls like yours. I will keep your sins in my prayers

  3. Jim

    Fix this in part by making them PAY UP FRONT and no refunds! Then you set it up so that if within a certain time of the event you find “seats” still vacant, begin selling tickets at half price to REAL people standing in line who want to go. Oh, and did I say NO REFUNDS! PERIOD! So if “someone’s” like Steve Schitts little sh*t and their friends think they are funny, they are out the cash, and I doubt there are many who can afford too many tickets. And if they can you can follow the money to see where it came from, that would be interesting.

  4. samurai_larry

    If you think this is acceptable, you need help. I you think it was wrong, you are right. The left (and Dems), and especially AOC, are showing their hand (which is one of fraud and deceit). They think it is okay to “cheat” in anyway they can (foreign election interference – haven’t we heard that one before – I believe it was called “Russian collusion”). Watch out America, if they are willing to go this “low” and brag about it, what will they (the Dems) do when we have a general election in November? We are witnessing election fraud in the making. Dems, your party is getting “filthy” (not just dirty) in their actions. Is this what you really want to be a part of? Dems, the honest hardworking type voter Dems, aren’t you getting sick of what your Democratic “leadership” (the immature, childish leaders like AOC) is doing to your party and where they are “trying” to take America; open interference in election campaigns, potential election fraud, socialism, abortion on demand, etc. Please, walk away. Take away your vote and the power it gives people like AOC (who is a “misguided child” in an adult body). I did and you can to, it only takes a single step in the “right” direction. If you are considering walking away, check out this website; – it will open your eyes (and hopefully your heart).

    • Brian

      Are you too blind to see that the Trump Administration has stole half a trillion dollars of United State citizen money will not tell you where is that and will not bring the country back together peaceful if you think these people are sinning then take a look at that it’s not right

      • Richard Davis

        Typical left rhetoric, unsubstantiated lies! You would rather see this great country go up in flames than give any credit or support to the president. We, the United States, had to endure pathetic times during the horribly run administration and yet you loved the destruction and chaos that was created. You will never be happy with anything in the country until it’s ALL LIBERAL DEMOCRATS!

  5. Gerry Johnson

    The radical dem left is a MINORITY of legitimate voters who are making a lot of noise that, in net effect, accomplishes nothing positive for their party. The majority of dem party voters are good traditional & patriotic Americans. Do they want to be associated with the embarrassment that this party has become?

  6. Carole Thomas

    Those Dumbocrats are the most evil POS I have ever heard of. There is zero possibility that this will be an authentic, fair & honest election. She is one of the sickest, childish member of congress as are her sickening comrades. As of right now, I do not know of any way this can be done. I can not speak or write words that would in any way say the feelings I have. These people will go to any extreme to steal this election because no sane person will vote for Biden. We must find a way, even if it is as evil as the Dumbos, to make sure Trump wins! Fair just went out the window! It’s so scary & unimaginable, like a third world country. Durham better hurry up & get those arrest warrants out. We must get rid of the swamp. Along with AOC! She drew first 🩸 blood. Better watch out now.

  7. Alan Loomis

    It’s time someone finally stops this insane behavior. Left, and rinos play dirty, while rep. Leaders either are quietly agreeing with these ignorant losers, or just throw up their collective hands and whimper. Wake up!!

  8. Donald

    It figures that somebody connected with treasonous mccane would be connected with this. How did aoc get this info? Was she part of the plan? Mr. Trump still had more people at his rally than shows up for dem appearances.

  9. Barbara

    How very sad that Satan is in control of SO Many misinformed young people!!! The Bible foretells of these things. The end of time is Here. It will happen sooner than we think. These misguided people need to realize what they are doing and seek forgiveness.

  10. Joe

    AOC is an Idiot wrapped in ugly moron. You will not beat Trump. This will not happen again with your little teenage followers who know nothing about the real world you are brainwashing these kids. If the real truth comes out and it will you better hide it from your little followers or they just might start thinking for themselves



  12. Leon

    This fake ticket ploy pretty much tells all you need to know about the left. It was setup and executed using impressionable kids who think they’re deceptive actions were an important part of something worthwhile, it was a ploy, that is, a fake and a lie to trick people away from their constitutional right to assemble and hear the person of their choice , and the scheme offered no value to anyone whatsoever.
    This is what the Dems do now. It is the only strategy they have since so few of their ideas have any sensible merit and cannot stand up to even the simplest scrutiny.

  13. Maid N Merica

    Leader of the Idiots AOC
    Sad People Cannot Win so they try to sabatoge President Trump’s Tulsa 2020 Rally. Cheat anyway you can to make yourselves look So Sad.
    Did you receive a “Participation Trophy” for your punk? Bahaha…

  14. Leon

    This fake ticket ploy pretty much tells all you need to know about the left. It was setup and executed using impressionable kids who think they’re deceptive actions were an important part of something worthwhile, it was a ploy, that is, a fake and a lie to trick people away from their constitutional right to assemble and hear the person of their choice , and the scheme offered no value to anyone whatsoever.

    This is what the Dems do now. It is the only strategy they have since so few of their ideas have any sensible merit and cannot stand up to even the simplest scrutiny.

    And the capper here is that AOC is proud of those teens for being a part of the lie.

  15. Tim allen Menard

    Bunch of snowflakes. The prank had no effect. Anyone wanting to get in could get in. Just so happens hardly anyone wanted to see this orange painted lying, adulterous, mentally ill fraud POS.

    • Joni Sassone

      I think the Dems are so scared and desperate they will do anything including cheating to get what they want. It’s pathetic. Why can’t they act like responsible adults, and do the right thing? I never thought this could happen in our country. They play so dirty, how can anyone respect a party that is so low? Vote for whom you want, but don’t cheat. Everyone has the right to hear what their politicians have to say. Dems, your desperation is showing!!! You have no shame. What a disgusting party.

    • LJ

      Tim Allen, you can go straight to hell. You are as ignorant as they come! I bet you live in your parents basement like the troll that you are. I also know that you are as ugly inside as you are out! Keep your racial slurs to yourself you disgusting pos! It’s people like you that are trying to destroy this country! You should definitely kill yourself asap! One less loser to care for as I also bet you’re on government assistance. Probably a 4th generation welfare recipient. What a frickin LOSER you are! Wishing you nothing but the worst for you and yours. Now go ask mommy to make you breakfast. Hope you choke on it!! Have a great day you a..hole!! 🙂

  16. Jan Turner

    I wonder how any people did not show up BECAUSE they were told there were a million tickets sold, plus the COVID-19 SCARE, plus knowing that Black Lives Matter and Antifa would probably be there all out with their bully-boys and girls.

    This political climate reminds me too much of what I have read about Hitler’s Brown Shirts before he became the “Fuhrer” aka dictator of Germany prior to World War 2. I read that Mr. Soros is bankrolling all this mayhem. I wonder, does he want to be another Hitler? Or Stalin? Who knows? He obviously hates this country that has given him refuge from the European countries he has attempted to ruin.. Or maybe it’s Mr. Obama? From waat I have read, he really would like to have a “third term”. AKA – to be the dictator or life. “They say” he is the leader of this bunch of malcontents. He’s suuited. Never held down a job untll he went into politics – as a professional complainer/rabble rouser.. At least, that is my impression, based on what I have read over the past 12″ years.

  17. David

    Just plain little disrespectful shits. That’s all that will listen to AOC and she knows it. Only problem is they can’t vote….I’m just saying….the immature bitch and her playmates think they did good. It won’t effect the Nov. election. She would gloat over such an insignificant childish prank. And it won’t make a difference at the polls. So AOC can suck my dick!

  18. Joseph

    JAN. Very well put, and don’t forget Bloomberg. All these twits managed to do was guarantee that I’ll vote and get involved for President Trump. When I see the execrable behavior of these gnomes I am convinced that the Socio-crats will go to any illegal and low trick to undermine my country. I grew up in a family, neighborhood and city of Democrats. That party of the people does not exist anymore. These are gutter trash tactics beneath any intelligent persons sense of honor. To think that I spent a large portion of my life protecting these trash and their leftover hippie parents leaves me sickened and sad for the rest of us. WE HAVE TO GET OFF OUR BUTTS AND INSURE THAT WE DON’T WIND UP LIKE THE SOCIO-CRATS WANT US TO. TIME TO ORGANIZE AND BE HEARD AS THE REAL AMERICAN MAJORITY.

  19. Bruce K.

    TRUMP, and all of your administration – Hey, fully wake up from your stupor, PLEASE! :
    Starting w/Geo. Soros, the treasonous Hungarian, get Barr & Durham to indict him & all the anti-Americans for treason & let them rot in Leavenworth (a while back, militarily, America has sent treasonists in front of a firing squad or to be hung). Although these types of punishments were abolished in 1995, treason is still considered a Class ‘A’ felony. The perps can still receive a penalty of death or prison up to 25 years &/or fines up $50k. If or when America decides to ‘wake-up’, alot of these radical progressive liberal leftists from Soros on down to the Antifa punks & AOC, Ilhan Omar, et al, may have 2nd thoughts – maybe. You see, those with heads packed full of bad wiring are really slow learners, but the rest could see examples being made of the stupid & bail like rats from a sinking ship. Hey, it might be well worth a try, hmm?

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