Trump Plotting “Revenge Tour” Against Republicans

Former President Donald Trump is reportedly planning a nation-wide “revenge tour” when his impeachment trial ends to campaign against Republicans who oppose him.

Trump’s advisors have told him that it would be unwise to do so before the end of his impeachment trial.

A Republican close to Trump told Insider, “Even he recognizes that we have Trump fatigue. Even he knows that you can get overexposed, and he wore the electorate out. And that was part of the problem. He clearly wore the country out with his behavior between the election and the inauguration.”

“Twitter did him a favor,” the Republican continued, referring to the platform banning Trump from the site for life.

A former Trump campaign adviser also told Insider that the longer Trump hides at Mar-A-Lago, his club in Palm Beach, Florida, the less serious people would take him in a 2024 election run.

Trump’s “revenge” tour would reportedly focus on the ten House Republicans who voted for his impeachment.

He is also preparing to possibly start trying to take down any Senators who vote for his conviction in the upcoming impeachment trial.

One of Trump’s most high profile enemies, House Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney, who voted to impeach him, won the support of 145 of her colleagues to stay in the position, with only 61 members voting to remove her after the wing of the party most loyal to Trump forced a vote on whether she was to stay in the position, thinking they had the votes to remove her.

Republicans close to Trump said this was likely to have angered him as he is eager to get out in public and criticize congressional Republicans who he thinks have betrayed him.

Trump’s lawyers quickly denied a request from House Democrats that he testify under oath during the Senate impeachment trial.

Former RNC spokesman Doug Heye told Insider that Trump “is clearly shell shocked from the reaction to January 6 and losing his social media platform… We don’t know how long that will last, but it’s safe to assume we’ll be hearing from him at some point.”

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17 Replies to “Trump Plotting “Revenge Tour” Against Republicans”

  1. Ada

    I don’t blame President Trump one darn bit. Those Republican’s who turned their backs on him should lose in the next Election’s.
    President Trump is the very best President America has ever been honor to have.

  2. Shirley

    Shame on the Republicans that voted to keep Cheney in; they’re turning to the left & that will catch up to them. God has a plan & it is in His timing & He will take His revenge on those on satan’s side who do not come out of the darkness of satan & back into the light of Jesus. When all is over Trump will be blessed 2 times over for what he has lost-he is God’s vessel & will be used again at the timing of God. People need to start standing up & stop living in fear; stand still & hear God. God established the United States & He is not going to leave us. We’re coming into our Red Sea moment; watch & see what God is going to do. This is not about politics but about the spiritual battle between good (God) & evil (satan). We’ve already won the battle. God wants people to turn back to Him; He doesn’t want to lose anyone to satan. But as humans we know that there will be those who will not return to God & will lose their souls. We need to pray, pray & pray for those to return to God.

    • Jim

      Shirley , Amen, You couldn’t have said it better. America will now reap its downfall. People were mentally programmed by the Democratic Party Lies. Undoing all the Great things President Trump did for this Great Country, he did them for the people so they would feel safe and prosper, and this Great Country did Flourish. But now our Great USA will begin to deteriorate sadly until the people wise up.

  3. Melissa Snyder

    I agree Trump should go after the rhino Republicans and get someone who cares about our Democracy. The rhinos are just as bad as the Democrats they just care about filling their pockets they don’t give a shit about the American people. We need people who give a shit about us people that will fight to keep our Country. We need people with morals and values in office.

  4. Carmen

    Amen, Amen & Amen! God wasen’t involved in the voter fraud, because God is light and not darkness is in Him. But because of their persistent, He allowed.
    Maybe for their own destruction. God has control over His creation and He still sitting on his Throne. Let’s God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven. At the end, He would have the victory and the enemy will be destroy forever. Amen!!!

      • Jim

        It’s sad to see how the Democrates really programmed the minds of their supporters to still support them when all their promises were lies, as it is found in the many articles out there how biden has tricked his supporters by promising things like immediate $2000 checks going out immediately to help with food and rent….Where ARE They?????

  5. Ann Balint

    Anna All I can say My Dear Donald DO NOT give up, I did’nt my life was in limbo, please fight for Us, We FIGHT for YOU, Thank You, and God Bless You and your beautiful FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. betty

    God , should never be mixed with politics.
    Let us get back to some kind of normality in our country. Keep Trump in Florida for awhile

    • Tom

      Thank you Betty. God gave us free will and allows us to do goofy things when it comes to politics and must just sit back and laugh at us except when hatred is expressed which is way too often.

    • Laverne Godwin

      Sorry, Betty (and Tom). It is Politics that will govern our lives, deciding whether or not we have the freedoms that our patriots fought and died for. It would be better that we didn’t have to worry about it. But, sad to say, when we have a bunch of power-hungry vipers who do NOT care about govt. “By the people, Of the people and For the people” we have a MAJOR problem. You folks who want to see socialism arise and our desires stifled are our enemies – the terrorists within. Vengeance belongs to the Lord. He WILL repay – whether here, or in the next life. Until then, we freedom loving, Bible toting, Trump supporters will keep on praying and believing. “The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” Don’t underestimate the power of the Almighty God! None of you are bigger than He is.

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