Trump Knows Aliens Exist – Will He Tell Us?

We feel some suspicions so strongly that we don’t really need Hollywood to confirm them.

We just need an expert or two with exceedingly good credentials.

For so many years, humans have speculated — even hoped — that we aren’t all there is. Because how dull that would be.

Fine organizations such as SETI have constantly attempted to make contact with aliens. If only they’d had the right phone number. If only they’d talked to Donald Trump.

Please, I’m not attempting to make political hay in a field of dreams. Instead, I’ve been moved, you see, to celestial rapture by the revelations of Haim Eshed, a retired Israeli general, a professor, and three-time winner of the Israel Security Award.

As The Jerusalem Post reported, Eshed revealed that there is a Galactic Federation. Israel and the US have been conversing with it for years. I’m not sure whether emojis may have been involved, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case.

It seems that the US and the Galacticos have an underground base on Mars, because you can’t be too careful who might turn up on Mars at any given moment. It could be Antifa. It could be Elon Musk.

It’s unclear what the US and their spacey counterparts may be working on underground. Eshed insists, however, that President Trump was recently about to reveal that these aliens exist.

However, the Galacticos persuaded him not to reveal their existence because it would cause worldwide panic not seen since Tom and Nicole split up.

I failed to elicit a response from the White House as to the potential veracity of Eshed’s claims. President Bill Clinton, however, once confessed — in what some might think a knowing way — that if aliens had visited Earth he wouldn’t be at all surprised.

His wife Hillary also felt it likely that aliens have already been among us. She mentioned no names.

87-year-old Eshed explained it was OK to talk about alien things now because academics are far more open. “If I had come up with what I’m saying today five years ago, I would have been hospitalized,” he said in an interview with Yediot Aharanot.

I find myself both skeptical and immensely uplifted.

Naturally, the skepticism comes from wondering whether there really is a Galactic Federation and whether the president might have played golf with its members. (And whether the Galacticos could swing four golf clubs at once and score even better than former North Koean leader Kim Jong-Un.)

Eshed isn’t even the first security luminary to have offered such confident revelations. Canada’s former defense minister, Paul Hellyer, explained in 2014 that he’d personally seen UFOs and that aliens have actually provided us with much of our modern technology.

He added that the ET folks would happily give us far more technology, but hate the fact that we’re always fighting down here.

The mere idea that there really is something beyond our meager boundaries is cause for many in the tech community to redouble their efforts to look above and beyond our Earth.

Yes, Musk and Jeff Bezos have already been muttering about setting up colonies out there in space. Surely, though, at least Musk could use his influence with Trump — Bezos doesn’t have quite the same sway — to get a meeting with the Federation.

After everything we’ve witnessed over the last four years — and especially during this one — surely we’re ready for a human-alien summit.

I’m sure Bill Nye is available to chair it. As is Kanye West.

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14 Replies to “Trump Knows Aliens Exist – Will He Tell Us?”

      • RANGOON

        What nonsense. My friends are the guys I played football with, my savior is Jesus Christ. Trump is the guy attempting to maintain the US Constitution and prevent the above mentioned aliens from destroying it. “We’ll win in Georgia and then change the Nation”. or words to that effect. Who the heck do you think you are Chucky? That guy is from Pluto.

  1. JoeyP

    Yeah, RIGHT! . . . I guess those “little green men” are pretty SNEAKY, Eh? I DON’T THINK so. Those UFOs are NAZI Germany in origin (these circular craft make sense when all your airfields are BOMBED out), and ANY country who have BACK ENGINEERED these crafts (Like USA, Russia, etc) are in HIDING. Look up HAUNEBU series 1 thru 4 and VRIL series 1 thru 7 in the Wunderwaffen website for NAZI accomplishments, Terrifying but fascinating. NAZI Germany surrendered but the NAZIs haven’t . . . they fled to other countries friendly to their cause like BRAZIL and ARGENTINA. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020.

  2. James lelans

    I do believe in aliens ftom other worlds have been here or are here, my problem
    With it is if they are here and the govt. knows it why dont they give us some
    Insight to the technology to build propulsion systems to get us into space,
    If they come in peace , dont they trust us with the knowledge?


    MOST DEVOUTLY RELIGIOUS BELIEVERS [REGARDLESS OF WHICH FAITH] WILL ZEALOUSLY AND ANGRILY DENY THIS PLANET OF OURS HAS EVER BEEN VISITED OR INHABITED BY ALIENS. I choose to direct their attention not so much to Sitchen and his Nibiru concepts but even more so and more recently by the works and writings of Michael Tellinger who picks up where Sitchen leaves off with “Slave species of the gods” – nobody can ever know for sure if only 5% or 10% or 75% of his ideas and conclusions are sound and valid – only when “they” land a group of UFOs simultaneously in the back yards of the White House and the Vatican and Beijing and Moscow and by the Taj Mahal in India then we will all likely convulsively repel – in a spastic fear. WE ARE ALL HALF-SIMIAN ANTHRPOID AND HALF ALIEN SPACEMEN and all religions were devised to keep the monkeys in check.

  4. Cliff

    ANYONE that is arrogant enough to think we are alone in this vast universe are only fooling themselves.
    I was friends with a Military person with high clearance, and he told me that he himself had seen the “aliens” , and what was left of their “ship” at area 51, and they were indeed “REAL”. He also told me that the “cover story” was, if the American people “knew” there were “extraterrestrials” it would cause a “panic”. I do not see why anyone would “panic” myself.


      Panic? Did you see what happened with toilet paper last March? Doesn’t take much when much of the population have become emotional toddlers.

  5. Tony Barreda

    Considering trump’s ALIEN DNA, I would tend to believe he does know that aliens exist here. He probably gets signals from a far away land telling him he won the election and minimize the danger of the now called the trump virus.



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