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Troubled Michigan Woman Kills Lover, Brother, Then Herself!

The body of a young Michigan woman was found in a remote wooded area where she had apparently taken her own life after shooting her brother and her boyfriend to death!

The woman, Ruby Taverner, 22, was found dead not far from an apartment where her boyfriend, Ray Muscat, and her brother, Bishop Taverner, were found dead earlier from gunshot wounds. Police say that Ruby died via suicide after murdering her loved ones.

According to a police press release Ruby was found on Monday, May 9, dead due to an apparent self-inflicted single gunshot wound.

“A Glock 43X handgun, which she purchased within the past week, was found near her body,” the press release also said.

Investigators had been looking for Ruby following a double shooting inside an Independence Township apartment over the weekend. Taverner’s live-in boyfriend, Ray Muscat, 26, and her brother, Bishop Taverner, 25, were found shot to death after police received an emergency call on Sunday morning from someone else in the same building who reported hearing shots.

Bishop Taverner’s body was found in the living room, while Ray Muscat’s body was found in a rear bedroom of the home, according to the Detroit Times.

Ruby’s body was found in a wooded area near the apartment complex that was being searched by investigators.

It’s unclear what prompted the apparent murder-suicide.

“It’s a terrible situation. It always seems to be magnified when you get someone who commits something horrible like that — a homicide — and then kills themselves,” Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard told Fox 2 Detroit. “You almost wonder, ‘What was the point’ to this whole thing? You never get any answers that satisfy those questions because, now, all parties are deceased.”

Police said Ruby Taverner and Ray Muscat had lived together, but it was unclear how long they had been in a romantic relationship.

Taverner’s cellphone and car were found at the scene of the shooting. Cops said they believe she fled on foot after the slayings.

Before she was found dead, Bouchard told Fox 2 Detroit that investigators believed that Ruby Taverner was “highly dangerous to themselves or someone else.” 

The sheriff said a preliminary investigation into the double homicide has determined that the men’s killings were premeditated, although no motive has been found yet.

“You don’t typically find someone shot in the head one time unless they just kind of coolly and calmly walked up and did it,” Bouchard said.

According to the sheriff, it is believed that Taverner suffered from some unspecified mental health problems.

The sheriff has now vowed to get to the bottom of the tragedy. He told Fox 2 that “investigators will now pivot to see if we can answer the question on everyone’s mind: Why?”

This is a developing story.