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Top 5 Ways to Destroy the World

From hijacking the nuclear codes or stealing some other military “doomsday device” as seen in dozens of 007 movies, to the simple snap of Thanos’ fingers gloved in the Infinity Gauntlet — there have been countless on-screen baddies hell-bent on destroying planet earth.

But, the truth is, planet earth is pretty resilient — it’s already been around for some 4 billion years, and it is a sextillion (1,000 trillion) ton ball of iron. In other words, the earth is one tough Mother F**cker! Still, if you really want to embrace your inner “Dr. Evil,” and want to destroy the world, here are the Top 5 ways you could actually do it!

1. A Quantum Black Hole – A quantum black hole is a microscopic black hole. Creating a microscopic black hole is tricky, since you will need a significant amount of neutronium, but that may possibly be achievable by jamming large numbers of atomic nuclei together until they stick. Figuring out how to do that is as an exercise for the reader.

How to destroy the earth with it: Once created, simply place your black hole on the surface of the Earth and wait. Black holes are of such high density that they pass through ordinary matter like a stone through the air. Eventually it will come to rest at the earth’s core, having absorbed enough matter to slow it down. Then you just need to wait, while it sits and consumes all matter until the whole Earth is gone.

2. A Matter/Anti-Matter Explosion – From the dangers of “crossing the streams” to the way a Federation Starship could be used to destroy the “Doomsday Machine,” what can happen when matter and anti-matter come into contact with one another can have devastating results!

How to destroy the earth with it – You will need a CONSIDERABLE amount of anti-matter to blow the earth to bits – approximately 2.5 TRILLION TONS. You can use any decent particle accelerator to create anti-matter, but creating that much may take a very long time – probably a few thousands years. So if you are in hurry, this is probably not your best choice, but if you would like to see your evil plans stretch out over several generations of your evil offspring — this one is for you!

3. A Full Size Black Hole – If you do not think you can figure out how to create a microscopic black hole as mentioned above, you can just use a full size one that is already out there to suck the earth out of existence.
How to destroy the earth with it – The nearest known black hole to earth is 1,600 light-years from us in the direction of Sagittarius, orbiting star V4641. Your challenge here is how to move the earth close enough to the black hole, or the black hole close enough to the earth.

4. A Very Large Rock – Basically anything can be smashed if you throw a big enough rock at it fast enough and hard enough. The earth is no different.
How to destroy the earth with it – In this case, you would want to use a very large rock, and fortunately, there is one right up there in our orbit, more than big enough to do the job. You could destroy the earth very nicely, simply by smashing the moon into it. How to push the moon out of orbit and send it hurtling toward the earth – is up to you.

5. The Sun – If you can use the moon to destroy the earth, why not the sun?
How to destroy the earth with it – The sun is a giant nuclear incinerator, all you need to do is send the earth on a trajectory that would cause it to fall into the sun, and its “bye-bye.” You do not even need a direct hit. Somehow destabilize the earth’s orbit just enough to get it near enough to the sun and tidal forces will rip it to shreds.

Of course, these are ways to totally, physically destroy the earth itself. Destroying all life on earth, or even all humanity – that is considerably easier we are doing a pretty good job of that right now, without even trying!