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Time Traveler Says Los Angeles Will Be Destroyed in Less Than 50 Years

If you live in LA, you may want to move, or if you are planning a trip there, you better make it soon – a self-professed time traveler says the “City of Angels” will be utterly destroyed in less than 50 years!

The time traveler, who goes by the name of Kasper, claims to be from the year 2075. Kasper appeared online in a highly-unusual confession tape-of-sorts, to share warnings and revelations about the future. Kasper’s most shocking warning was of the destruction of Los Angeles, California, in the year 2063.

Speaking to the YouTube channel ApexTV, with a blurred face and in broken English with a Russian Accent, (I guess Russia beats the US in the race for time travel technology), the time traveler revealed that, “Shocking things are going to happen in the future. I’m going to share with you one of the most shocking things that you will have ever heard before.”

According to the sincere, yet doubtful Kasper’s testimony, time travel technology will be revealed to the public in the year 2028. Then, in the same year, world governments will reveal to the public the existence of extraterrestrial aliens.

Kasper said, “These are shocking details that are going to happen in the future. So, in the future, I was sent back to the year of 2019 on the public mission to collect data about the past.”

A Reporter From the Future on a Mission?

Probably because we have so many problems with Fake News in the present, Kasper is apparently a reporter from the future sent back in time to gather the truth about the past.

“Because you can go to the past, and you can see certain details and you can read about the past and watch videos talking about the past, however, it takes actually going to the past to get the desired information so we can fill in the details,” Kasper says on the video.

“And we’re sent for specific missions. I am here in Los Angeles, California, to map out a specific thing that I cannot get into details of.”

But he does tell the interviewer from Apex that Los Angeles will be the epicenter of a disastrous flood in just 43 years. He said, “I am in Los Angeles, California, because very shocking detail is going to happen in this city. In Los Angeles, California, there is going to be a major flood. This happens around the year 2063.”

However, many of the people who saw the time traveler’s confession video were not convinced by his doomsday warnings, or of his credentials.

One viewer commented, “It seems in the future they’ll hand out time travel passes to anyone, like bus passes.”

Is time travel possible? Is Kasper at all credible? Well, as another astute viewer of the video pointed out, “Technically this man is from the future as Russia is two hours ahead of us…”