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Three jailed after forcing woman to do degrading tasks for Snapchat videos

Two women who forced a woman to lick yoghurt from the floor and eat baby food for humiliating Snapchat videos have been jailed.

Toni Thompson, 26, and Phoebe Hing, 21, held the 27-year-old victim captive at their Harlesden flat for five hours while subjecting her to a degrading series of tasks.

The woman was made to drink washing-up liquid, her face was sprayed with mould, food was poured over her head and face, and a dirty nappy was placed on her head.

<p>Phoebe Hing, one of the three jailed </p>
Phoebe Hing, one of the three jailed / CPS London

Her hair was cut and her trousers were pulled down with frozen vegetables placed on her bare legs while as the ordeal continued she was punched, kicked, and placed under a cold shower.

Liam O’Neill, 22, took a series of videos during the incident, on 31 October 2019, without intervening to help the woman, and clips were later posted to social media app Snapchat.

The victim was ultimately allowed to leave the flat but was threatened with violence if she went to the police, Harrow crown court heard.

<p>Toni Thompson, one of the three jailed</p>
Toni Thompson, one of the three jailed / CPS London

When Thompson was later arrested on suspicion of false imprisonment, she insisted to police: “It’s not, as the girl never said she wanted to leave.”

Asked about the victim’s hair being cut, Hung told police: “I don’t remember. How do we know she didn’t do that to herself?”

The two women pleaded guilty to false imprisonment and assault occasioning actual bodily harm while O’Neill admitted intentionally encouraging or assisting in the commission of an offence. All three were jailed for two years each.

“This was an unprovoked, cruel and sickening attack on a woman by people that she considered to be her friends. The entire horrific episode was aimed at bullying and humiliating the victim,” said Raj Clare, from the CPS.

“The prosecution case included phone evidence of videos posted on Snapchat that showed exactly what took place that evening. Thompson and Hing took pleasure in controlling and degrading the victim. O’Neil was present the whole time and filmed some of these assaults – not once did he try to intervene and stop the abuse. His role during this incident was significant given the recording of the assault went viral on social media and caused psychological harm to the victim.

“The victim described that she was made to feel like an animal and the incident has left her traumatised. I would like to commend her for her bravery in reporting this crime and supporting these proceedings. I hope these convictions provide her with some measure of comfort.