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This Survival Tool Could Save Your Life…

In the world of survival and preparedness there is no more important or versatile piece of survival gear than the humble tarp. Here are six ways a tarp can be an essential lifesaver.

  1. Emergency Shelter

With just a simple tarp and a bit of para-cord or rope, you can make a quick and easy survival shelter to protect you against the elements. You just tie the para-cord between two trees and drape the tarp over it and secure the ends to create a tent.

  1. Warmth

Tarps are great to trap body heat and keep you warm to prevent hypothermia. But, do not wrap yourself directly in the tarp, as that will make you sweat too much and make you wet. Instead, create a thermal layer by putting the plastic tarp between two blankets. Then wrap yourself in the blankets. This sandwich will help you retain body heat.

  1. Emergency Stretcher

If a member of your party is sick or injured and needs to be carried to safety, a tarp can be used to make a simple emergency stretcher by wrapping it between sturdy branches, tent poles, walking sticks, etc.

  1. Gather Rain Water

A tarp stretched between two trees can be used to gather rainwater for drinking

  1. Small Animal Trap

A tarp can be used to fashion a simple animal drop trap. Dig a deep hole, place the tarp over it, camouflage the tarp with some light dirt and twigs, place some kind of bait on the tarp – and you could be having rabbit for dinner!

  1. Emergency Pack

If for some reason you have to clear out of your camp in a hurry, you can gather up everything in your tarp, wrap it in para-cord, and bugout!

Do you know of any other ingenious “tarp” hacks to use in a survival situation? Use the comments below.