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This Doctor Wants Unvaxxed Kids To Wear Yellow Stars

In an incredibly bold move harkening back to the days of Nazi Germany during World War II, a medical doctor appeared on public television and actually held up a sample yellow star for kids who hadn’t been subjected to the as-yet unexistent COVID-19 vaccine.

This Nazi is planning ahead, all right. You can be sure he didn’t come up with this idea all on his own, either.

On August 10, 2020, Dr. Marc Siegel a frequent contributor on FOX News, was interviewed on the Tucker Carlson Tonight Show. Siegel said that children look to their parents for leadership. He then implied that everyone could be protected from COVID-19 by attaching a little reminder message – for anyone old enough to read – to keep a legally-mandated safe social distance by pinning a bright yellow badge with the words “No Hugs Please” emblazoned on it and a red line slashed through them.

This insensitive display of arrogant totalitarianism is typical for the strong unseen forces behind the enduring Scamdemic that is squeezing the Liberty right out of the U.S.A.

Siegel plied a traditional propaganda ploy by shedding a single crocodile tear as the bearer of the bad news that the Nazi Party is running the national healthcare system now:

“Here’s one other thing we have to do, sadly.”

Oh yes, it’s tragic how we Americans must do what you say, Dr. Health Nazi.

You’ve already seen many of us abandon our freedoms, one by one, letting you choose everything for us. You decided it was perfectly fine to make us sacrifice our regular lives, the pursuit of happiness guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution, and conduct business without a steaming load of pointless and medially unfounded restrictions that have crippled the economy to the tune of millions of jobs.

Pin and T-shirt manufacturers rejoice! This mad scientist wants you to fill millions of orders. Claiming that there are 26 candidates for a COVID-19 vaccine (none of which have been tested in double-blind studies or on animals before limited human testing), “Seig heil” Siegel said the yellow stars would be a temporary and disposable evil:

“Vaccines are gonna emerge, we’re gonna beat this thing, and then this is gonna go in the garbage.”

Where have we heard this garbage before? Oh yes: “Let’s go, Team America, with 15 days to slow the spread.”

That was five months ago and the Plandemic shows no signs of going away. In fact, the Health Nazis are upping their game, as this doctor proves.

Siegel said that after everyone has submitted to the toxins and microchips in the dubious, unproven vaccines of the near future, social distancing will magically go away:

“And we’re all gonna hug each other. In the meantime, Tucker, let’s show our kids courage.”

Yeah, the courage to embrace a Nazi symbol of utter submission and attempted genocide.

Siegel has been trying to force people to get vaccinated through weird authoritarian means by for some now. Last year, he stated on Fox News that people who refuse vaccines and doctors who issue vaccination exemptions to young children should all be prosecuted and jailed.

Is this picture becoming any clearer?

To his credit, a stony-faced Carlson let Siegel speak his piece before replying:

“I don’t know if I can go there, I’m a hugger sorry.”

This isn’t really about physical contact, of course, and Carlson undoubtedly knows that. This is about autocratic control of your government by people whose narcissism knows no bounds.

What’s really hard to explain about all this yellow-badge nonsense is that Dr. Siegel is himself Jewish.

First, yellow stars for the unvaccinated children. Then, the unvaccinated adults. Then, what – FEMA camps?

Meh and feh, Herr Doktor Speigel. Furthermore, for shame, sir!