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This 25-Year-Old’s Second COVID Case Is Scaring Scientists

Many individuals assume they are safe from getting a second COVID case in the event that they survived the virus previously.

However, as increasingly more analysis has come out concerning the virus and the way it spreads, we’re discovering out that is probably not the case. In reality, a brand new examination has simply confirmed the primary case of coronavirus reinfection within the United States.

The study, revealed within the Lancet Infectious Disease journal on Oct. 12, discovered {that a} 25-year-old man in Nevada had contracted the coronavirus on two separate occasions. This is the primary confirmed case of an individual within the U.S. getting reinfected, making the nation the fifth on this planet to report a confirmed case of reinfection.

To discover out why this American man’s second COVID case is scaring scientists, learn on. And for extra on contracting the virus greater than as soon as, If You’re Asymptomatic, You May Be More Likely to Get the Coronavirus Again.

The 25-year-old man examined constructive for COVID the primary time on April 18 after which a second time on June 5—even after having two separate unfavourable exams in May. According to the researchers, it was clear that this was a case of two completely different coronavirus infections, and never the unique an infection changing into energetic once more.

This is as a result of they discovered that the genetic codes of every an infection confirmed “significant differences,” that means the person was contaminated by two completely different, genetically distinct strains of the coronavirus. And for extra on COVID mutations, Dr. Fauci Says This Is Why the Latest COVID Mutation Worries Him.

According to the researchers, the person’s second case of the coronavirus was “symptomatically more severe” than the primary case. During his first case, he had signs that included sore throat, cough, headache, nausea, and diarrhea. However, throughout his second case, he offered most of these signs once more, but additionally dizziness, after looking for assist at an pressing care heart.

Then 5 days later, a main care physician discovered that the person had shortness of breath and wasn’t getting sufficient oxygen. This meant that the “patient required ongoing oxygen support in hospital,” researchers famous. And for extra on COVID signs, This One “Wacky” Symptom Means You Have COVID, Not the Flu.

What made the researchers most nervous was that there was no indication that this man was liable to getting the coronavirus, particularly greater than as soon as. According to the examine, this affected person had no historical past of any underlying circumstances that may make him extra susceptible to the virus, nor had been there any indications of compromised immunity.

“The individual associated with these two SARS-CoV-2 infections had no immunological disorders that would imply facilitation of reinfection,” the researchers famous. “They were (also) not taking any immunosuppressive drugs.” And for extra on underlying circumstances in relation to the coronavirus, that is The Deadliest Pre-Existing Condition You Could Have With COVID.

Many believed that antibodies from an unique coronavirus an infection would grant them immunity from the virus sooner or later—that means should you had a gentle or asymptomatic case of the coronavirus, you’d be secure from ever having to fret a couple of extra extreme case of COVID.

However, the researchers from the current examine say that this occasion of COVID reinfection exhibits that immunity just isn’t promised.

“Thus, previous exposure to SARS-CoV-2 might not guarantee total immunity in all cases,” the examine famous. “All individuals, whether previously diagnosed with COVID-19 or not, should take identical precautions to avoid infection with SARS-CoV-2.”