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Things You Must Avoid Late At Night

Photo by <a href="">Zac Ong</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

Those midnight cravings can truly hit anyone, and when they can it can be tough to say no and not eat anything. However, according to experts there are several foods that you should avoid at all costs if it gets to be too late in the night.

1. Aged Cheese

Aged cheeses contain an amino acid, tyramine, which can lead to the body releasing stress hormones. As a result, you might have a harder time sleeping and you might even get migraines or spikes in your blood pressure.

2. Eggs

Eggs have a high amount of melatonin and vitamin D. These can cause disruptions to your sleep schedule and could even lead to you not getting enough sleep. The way you cook the eggs doesn’t affect this.

3. Coffee or caffeinated tea

Coffee and caffeinated tea are also important to stay away from if you are trying to sleep after your late-night snack. This is because these types of drinks can hurt your circadian rhythm and could cause sleep disruptions. In part, this is because these drinks can also act as stimulants.

4. Spicy food

Spice food is another big no late-night for late at night. This is because the spices can cause your metabolism to start working overtime. You might also find your temperature increasing. Naturally, this could mean that you are unable to sleep, or if you do fall asleep you might have vivid and disruptive dreams.