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These Survival Tips Can Save Your Life

Photo by <a href="">Jametlene Reskp</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

Survival tips can range from knowing CPR to learning what to do in emergencies. Regardless of the type of survival skills you already know of though, the following tips will give you great ideas on how you should expand your already existing skills to keep both yourself and those around you safe.

1. What to do in cases of Deep Wounds by sharp objects

If you or someone you know gets a deep wound from a sharp object then the worst thing you can do is to simply pull the object out. This is because it will essentially leave a large wound open and blood gushing out of it. Instead of pulling it out, you are much better off using something to seal the wound or at least slow the flow of blood without actually removing the object from the wound. Once the emergency responders arrive, they will be able to handle the wound and the objects. #10 How to Remove a Sharp Object from A Deep Wound

2. Own a plunger and Fire Extinguisher

Sometimes it is easy to forget that survival often requires us to have the right equipment. To be prepared you should own both a plunger and a fire extinguisher to deal with problems in your home. A plunger can be an essential tool in your bathroom and sinks as it can help you avoid a flood, and the fire extinguisher will stop any fire from spreading.

3. Seizures Response

If someone around you is having a seizure then the more important thing to do is to know the proper procedure. Firstly, you should time the seizure so that they can know how long it lasted, and secondly, you should call an ambulance or first responders. If this is someone you know and regularly has seizures then they might have a specific process they would like you to follow, such as letting them know where they are and who they are after they stop seizing.