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The World’s Paranormal Hotspot Is Utah’s Skinwalker Ranch!

The Skinwalker Ranch in Vernal, Utah, has been called “the most scientifically studied paranormal hotspot on the planet.” 

According to its official website, Skinwalker Ranch is a 512-acre secure site that has been monitored for decades with armed security and surveillance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The remote location was involved with a Pentagon-funded black budget project studying UFO activity, cattle mutilations, and strange phenomena and is also known as a living laboratory for studying other intelligences and possible interdimensional phenomena.

As if all of that does not make the ranch as mysterious and eerie as Area 51, it was also used by the National Institute for Discovery Science, better known as NIDS, to research paranormal activity.

The ranch and surrounding area have been a hotbed of paranormal activity, with rumors of unusual phenomena dating back hundreds of years. It was Native American legends of the “Skinwalkers” – shape-shifting spirits – that gave the ranch its name. 

The bizarre stories about what has gone on at the ranch are now the focus of a series on the History Channel called, “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch.”

The ranch, owned by Brandon Fugal, one of the most prominent commercial real estate investors in Utah, was also included in the UFO Disclosure Symporium, a three-day event unveiling footage and Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) analyses from experts in the field. Symposium founder Bob Brown says, “The truth about UFOs, UAPs, and these types of experiences is coming out all around us.”

Fugal says, “We have presented an abundance of independent, verifiable evidence regarding activity at Skinwalker Ranch, including witness testimony and accounts going back nearly 100 years. This includes the former deputy sheriff who responded to incidents on the ranch in the 1980s.”

“Skinwalker Ranch is the most scientifically studied paranormal hotspot on the planet, with the highest frequency of documented UFO sightings, bizarre cattle mutilations, electromagnetic anomalies, and unexplained phenomena,” Fugal has said.

“I acquired the property from billionaire Robert Bigelow for the purpose of conducting scientific research to determine if there was any validity to the extraordinary claims of paranormal activity,” he said.

“Although I acquired the ranch as a skeptic, I eventually had my own undeniable Close Encounter—a UFO sighting in broad daylight with multiple witnesses.”

Skeptics claim that Fugal, a very wealthy real estate tycoon, bought the ranch and propagated the claims about UFOs and the paranormal to turn a profit.

Asked whether he purchased Skinwalker Ranch to make money off the paranormal claims, Fugal said no. “I have yet to put a penny in my pocket personally regarding this endeavor,” he said. “In addition, I never intended to reveal my identity as the owner, requiring strict confidentiality agreements and liability waivers. I kept my identity as the owner secret until being persuaded to go public in connection with The HISTORY Channel docuseries and our ongoing investigation.”

Travis Taylor, the scientist, involved in The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch, said he got involved with the show through mutual connections with Fugal: “We’ve found that there is absolutely some type of strange phenomenon or phenomena taking place that generate microwaves, radio waves, gamma-ray radiation, ground vibrations, UAP/UFO appearances, strange sounds, and many other things that we simply can’t explain.”