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The Time is Nigh: America Perilously Close to Collapse

From the blood moon of Tetrad to signs from Revelations, major religions agree: the end of America is in sight. Take a look at U.S. infrastructure: both soft and hard elements are collapsing. Meanwhile, time moves forward and threatens to reach a breaking point from which there will be no return.

By soft infrastructure I mean institutions like universities, churches, law enforcement, and health care. The massive failure of Obamacare is a perfect example.

By hard infrastructure I mean roadways, sewers, bridges, telecommunications networks, and energy and fuel supplies … just take a look at the sudden drop in the price of oil that threatens to wreak havoc in states like Texas.

Those who live in places detached from signs of collapse are in the most danger – for those are the people who won’t know until it’s too late to act. No matter what state you live in, one must only open his eyes to see the signs, literally and figuratively, of corrosion, deterioration, and rot of this nation’s infrastructure.

Why is this happening now? The current situation is the result of countless, intertwined events and mistakes. Many believe that it’s time for America to experience a fall. Just like Rome and other great civilizations, there was a rise followed by a terrible fall.

fall_of_roman_empireMaybe we have reached the top and – having no further to climb – are rapidly on our way to the fall. It doesn’t help that today’s society preaches a “live for today” mentality that leaves little regard for our future. With that type of mindset, it’s almost inevitable that the underpinnings of society will collapse.

Now more than ever we find ourselves living in a country extremely vulnerable to chaotic events. Do I need to mention the three-way civil war in Syria or the deal with Iran that is providing the country with everything they need to blow Israel off the face of the Earth?

To make matters worse, infrastructure depends on technology. Everything from national security to our country’s food supply chains is linked together through an interface capable of being hacked. The potential for wreckage is endless. The possibility of Hillary Clinton’s secret server being hacked is just the beginning. Can you imagine a nationwide blackout? America would collapse overnight! This nightmare scenario would leave millions of Americans without food, medicine, and critical supplies necessary for survival.

And although the signs are hard to miss, the majority of Americans have yet to prepare for this inevitable collapse. They continue to put their blind faith and trust in the government, plodding though their mundane lives without considering how they would deal with infrastructure collapse, be it an economical tipping point, a threat to national security, or a natural disaster.

America is like a car stuck in the mud. You can use a long chain to pull it out, but if just one link in that chain breaks, the whole system ceases to work. Even if every other link in that chain is sturdy, the car will remain stuck and the chain is useless.