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The Surprising Uses For Windex

Photo by <a href="">JESHOOTS.COM</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

There is nothing worse than having to buy five hundred different cleaners and chemicals for your house. This is why being able to reuse and repurpose cleaning supplies can be important, as it won’t only help your health, but also often it will help your wallet as you won’t need to spend as much money on cleaning supplies. Windex is one of those multipurpose items that you can use in many different ways in your house, so long as you know all the ways it can be used.

1. Floors

Windex can actually be the perfect solution for cleaning dirty spots on the floor of your house. This is because it can generally clean dirt quite easily and make it easy for stains to be wiped away.

2. Bathtubs and showers

If you want to clean your bathtub or shower you can start by spraying Windex on the surface. After leaving it for around 10 minutes you can either scrub or wipe the problem areas until your bathtub or shower is clean again.

3. Car Windows

Windex is meant to be used for cleaning windows, but no one says that these windows need to be a part of your home. Instead, you can use this product to clean the windows of your car. This is guaranteed to make driving your car easier.

4. Children’s Toys

If you want an easy and quick way to clean your kid’s toys, then using Windex to clean them could be your solution. Windex will disinfect these items and will help keep the areas and things your children play with clean and safe.