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The Secret Life of Preppers

If you have ever seen an episode of Doomsday Preppers, you’ll hear a lot of talking about planning for the future. There is, however, one problem these people are forgetting about: everyone in America knows where they live. If a crisis struck, these television stars would be bombarded with requests for help – or worse.

There are thousands of survival blogs out there, and many receive little or no traffic. But if a few government agents get interested in your “illegal” well system or “illegal” weaponry, you can expect an angry visit, and a possible trip to a really secure place like prison.

These are some of the reasons operational security is so important. The fewer neighbors and federal agents that know about your prepping work the better. A lot of the ways to accomplish this are self-explanatory, but so many people fail to keep this secret.

Don’t tell your neighbors or coworkers. Ego and pride are the main reason operational security goes out the window. While you should be proud about your stockpile of cans or independent source of energy, telling people will bring nothing but doom in a crisis. If you have enough food and water stored to allow you, your children, and your wife to survive 3 years, how long will you last if a few of your neighbors’ families decide to join your group.

If you have kids, you would have already realized they say the darnedest things. These little people will recite everything you say like a parrot, and it’s important to make sure they understand how to keep a secret. While secrets are impossible for small children, under 7 or 8 years old, an older child who understand consequences can be filled in on your prepping. We recommend keeping a younger child out of the loop, or everyone in his or her preschool will know all about your plans.

Intimate relationships are what make life worth living. And in those post coitus moments, after a night of passion, a man’s lips tend to loosen up. While I’m sure your new friend is beautiful and things seem like a page cut from a fairy tale, most relationships don’t end in marriage. All the secrets you confide in this person might soon come back and bite you when things go astray.

Of course, don’t go on national TV and tell the world your location and prepping secrets. If you follow these steps, your operational security needs should be satisfied. Friends coming and pleading with you for refuge and supplies could be costly to you and your family’s survival, but the chances of dangerous men coming to simply steal your supplies is very great. Be careful – and be quiet.