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The Russian Ukraine Crisis Caused Earthbound ETs To Go Into Hiding!

A self-described UFO and alien expert says that aliens were close to revealing themselves to the world before the Russian invasion of Ukraine but since have retreated back into hiding. 

Nick Pope says that the extraterrestrials have second thoughts about coming forward because they say that the Earth is still not ready to become part of a “galactic” society if it can still make horrific and unprovoked war on its own people, as evidenced by Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

During a recent interview with British tabloid the Daily Star, Pope said, “highly evolved extraterrestrials probably regard warfare as something that only primitive civilizations engage in.”

“The Ukraine situation means we’re unlikely to get an invitation to join the Galactic Federation for the time being.” 

When asked does he think that the aliens understand the good guys from the bad or just condemn both sides in earthbound conflicts, Pope said, “Aliens might wonder at the wisdom of the UK going up against Russia, but would probably realize that being in a coalition helps…” 

In late February, Russia massed well over 100,000 troops near Ukraine’s borders, a buildup the West said at the time was in preparation for a war to prevent Ukraine from ever joining the NATO Western security alliance.

On February 21, hopes of a peaceful resolution ended when Putin formally recognized Luhansk and Donetsk, the two separatist regions known together as Donbas, as independent states. On February 22, under the pretext of being invited in as “peacekeepers” to protect those “states,” Vladimir Putin began his deadly invasion of Ukraine.

Since then, there has been mass displacement of the Ukrainian people, mounting casualties, and growing international sanctions imposed on Moscow. 

Ukrainian officials say deaths and injuries are mounting as Russian forces launch renewed attacks and an enormous military convoy edges closer to the capital, Kyiv. There were reports recently of the Russians bombing civilian targets indiscriminately, including a maternity hospital where women and children may have been killed.

Mariupol’s City Council said that the Russian attack on the hospital on March 9 caused “colossal” damage, while President Volodymyr Zelenskyy wrote on Twitter that there were “people, children under the wreckage” of the hospital. He called the strike an “atrocity” as authorities try to establish how many people had been killed or wounded.

This is what humans do to fellow humans. I don’t blame the aliens for not wanting anything to do with us.