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The Last Real Money: How to Collect Nickels in Bulk and Store them

Nickels are the last form of “real” money that is still being distributed by the US government. So that means the metal in a nickel equals the fiat value given by the state. This is no longer the case for all other currency including dimes, quarters, half dollars and obviously so for digit money.

With this in mind, massive inflation is bound to happen. How do you plan to protect yourself from this inflation? That is why it may be time to start a nickel collection. Luckily, this is pretty easy to do.

Step 1. Determine how many bank trips you are planning to make that day. We recommend that you withdraw $20 for every bank you plan to visit.

Step 2. Go to a bank and ask for that $20 in nickels.

Step 3. Leave bank with 10 rolls of nickels.

Step 4. Visit next the bank and repeat steps 2 &3.

You don’t have to plan a long exodus from bank to bank in one day. You can space visits out. We do recommend that you keep it to $20. Larger amounts than that may get you a stern talking to from bank employees about inflation and this could lead to a bank policy restricting exchanges for coins. Also, make sure it is all done through cash. Don’t leave an electronic trail of your nickel acquisition.

So once you start a collection of this valuable coinage, where the heck are you going to put it all? Underground, of course. But, first you must gather material to store and protect the precious treasure, such as black ABS pipes or PVC pipes, end caps and cement to fix the piping and caps together. Cement the first cap onto the pipe, then wait for it to set. Fill the pipe with as many rolls of nickels you can fit. Once the pipe is jam-packed, drill a small hole into the second cap so that it will slide on easier and the cement can bind to the cap. Fill the hole with cement to enclose.

Then it is time to dig a trench. It won’t be suspicious since it will look like you are putting in piping. Make sure the trench is at least 2 feet deep and bury the pipes. So there you have it. The way to protect your collection. Not even a metal detector will find it and even if they could, it would appear to be just pipes in the ground. Clever, huh?