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The 3 Best Kinds of Survival Food to Stock Up for Emergencies

Catastrophic hurricanes and major winter storms are coming around almost once a year these days …

But even with the constant threat of emergency and being cut off from supply lines, most Americans are still complacent when it comes to preparing for emergencies. According to one recent study, over half of all American families have less than 3 days’ worth of emergency supplies on hand.

That same study indicated that 55% of all respondents believe the local authorities will come to their rescue in case of emergency …

52% haven’t designated a family meeting place in case of separation (a preparatory measure that takes all of five minutes) …

And 42% don’t even know emergency phone numbers to reach the authorities they expect to save them in time.

At its very core, emergency survival is all about the rule of 3’s. You can survive 3 minutes without oxygen, 3 days without water (if you’re sheltered from a harsh environment), and up to 3 weeks without having food replenished (once again assuming you have water and shelter).

With that basic rule of survival in mind, let’s take a look at the 3 key types of food you should stockpile in case of emergency. You might be surprised at what it takes …

Must-Have Survival Food #1: Not Even Food

That’s right, the most important foodstuff you can stock up on isn’t even food at all … it’s water.

Like we mentioned above, you can only survive 3 days without sufficient clean water. And there are a wide variety of emergencies that could cut you off from fresh water supplies and ready-flowing clean water. Most Americans think that filling up the tub with clean water will be enough to get by, but don’t underestimate the situation. It will take up to a gallon of clean water per day to keep a person hydrated.

“But I don’t normally drink a gallon of water a day,” you might say. You also don’t normally go all day in hundred-degree weather without air conditioning, do you? Look, we get it, stocking up on clean water is boring. You don’t get to pick menus or brands, but at the same time, you don’t get to live without it (for very long). Good, clean water is cheap and plentiful before disaster strikes—and before you know it it’s “too late” to stock up.

Must-Have Survival Food #2: Food that Tastes Good

Seems obvious right? Not always. You could be relying on your emergency food supplies for days or even weeks, so it’s not the time for culinary experimentation or expanding your palate. If your family likes the taste of beefy pasta, grab a #10 can of dehydrated pasta dinner. If they like breakfast, get a #10 can of oatmeal, same with honey, peanut butter, rice, or any other long-lasting staple.

Keeping around food you like is the most surefire way to ensure you’ll maintain a healthy appetite in a disaster scenario.

Must-Have Survival Food #3: Food that’s Easy to Prepare

The easier the better. That’s why military-style MRE rations have become so popular in recent years. They come with their own flameless ration heaters, provide a few thousand calories of fully contained nourishment, and are designed to last for years when stored at room temperature. Honey is another prepper favorite, since it’s packed with calories and will almost never spoil. Vacuum-sealing bags of rice can ensure they’ll last for decades, and provide a hot dinner with just a bit of rice and fuel.

It’s not rocket science. There’s no secret to disaster survival. It’s just a matter of not starving, not running out of food, and not letting your survival rations spoil.